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Lord Berand Lornan’s Exile in Hinterlands Close the rift in Lornan’s Exile, go to the second-floor of tavern, get a hold of his fiancé, and inquire him to become listed on the Inquisition Missable
Speaker Annais Near the rift in Lornan’s Exile and communicate with the woman Missable, select “Listen and gather information” substitute for get the girl as a realtor.
Smuggler Tanner Redcliffe town into the Hinterlands Finish the side pursuit “Business Arrangements” and talk to the woman with Cassandra in your party Use Cassandra’s special dialogue to persuade Tanner be effective for Inquisition
Enchanter Ellendra Near the Crossroads inside Hinterlands Complete along side it pursuit “My Lover’s Phylactery” and speak with the woman with Vivienne in your celebration Utilize Vivienne’s special discussion to persuade the enchantress to participate the Inquisition
Horsemaster Dennet Redcliffe Farms in western area of the Hinterlands Have Cassandra, Dorian or Vivienne in your party and keep in touch with him after finishing all of his side quests Utilize Cassandra's, Dorian's, or Vivienne’s special dialogue to convince Dennet to join the Inquisition
Ritts The Hinterlands Protect Ritts during part quest "odd Bedfellows" and research the nearby picknick basket in addition to dead lady. Speak with Ritts before turning in this side pursuit. Missable, you can save RItts even before accepting the medial side pursuit. Just try to find 2 Templars assaulting a scout near a picknick basket and a corpse
Corporal Vale's Irregulars Complete all their part quests and choose to recruit the skilled refugees
Merchant Belle Val Royeaux market plaza After Lord Seeker Lucius punches the Chantry lady, keep in touch with Belle (left of this stage) Missable, must certanly be recruited when you initially check-out Val Royeaux. Next she’ll no more be there
Sky Watcher The Fallow Mire Keep in touch with him near a rift, start the rift, eliminate all demons, close the rift, and save yourself the Inquisition soldiers. From then on go directly to the castle’s entrance and communicate with him. Ask him to participate the Inquisition. You will get the medial side pursuit 'The missing Souls' upon going into the Fallow Mire
10 Blades of
Storm Coast Enter the Storm Coast and you’ll instantly obtain the quest to look for your troops. Proceed with the pursuit marker to an abandoned house in which you discover corpses for the soldiers. Browse around for a letter on a table and you can build an Amulet of Mercy. Furnish it and go into the fort. Conquer the leader while the Blades will join the Inquisition. Missable, if you don't create the amulet and walk-in their particular fort they will strike you.
11 Knight-Templar Barris Therinfal Redoubt Make sure the gauge doesn’t fall below 25per cent whenever Templars are defending the great hall and you’re searching for Templar lieutenants. Come back to the great hall and kill the enemies and wait for the gauge to attain 100percent again before leaving. Missable, Barris may die. Must finish the main pursuit ‘Champions for the Just’ and ally with all the Templars. You can not get Barris if you do "In Hushed Whispers".
12 Clemence the
Tavern in Redcliffe village inside Hinterlands Talk to him into the Redcliffe tavern after meeting Fiona and Alexius during main pursuit ‘In Hushed Whispers’ Missable, can be recruited even when you wish to edge aided by the Templars. Before beginning “Champions for the Just” go to Redcliffe Village, meet Alexius and from then on recruit Clemence.
13 Nameless Noble Guest Garden inside Winter Palace After satisfying Celene’s 3 Ladies-in-waiting for the first time within the Guest Garden, stand in front side associated with the water fountain and look towards kept. Stroll to that home and appear left again for a red eavesdrop group. Utilize it 3 times and keep in touch with the two nobles standing to the right close to the creating wall surface and choose the “Templars should be restrained” or "Mages is contained" option. If noble says "this might be a private conversation, you need to utilize the red circle once more to eavesdrop. Missable, just readily available during the primary pursuit "Wicked Eyes and sinful minds"
14 Mercenary Captain Royal Quarters inside Winter Palace During "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts" main quest, you will encounter a tied guy following the Rift battle Missable, you really must have the "Underworld Knowledge" Perk and choose the possibility "Come work with me
15 The Eager
Recruit (Jana)
Crestwood Dissuade the girl from becoming a gray Warden throughout the primary quest "right here Lies the Abyss". Missable, you'll want Solas in your celebration and make use of his special dialogue to persuade Jana. If you carry on the primary pursuit "right here Lies the Abyss" she dies.
16 Loranil Exalted Plains Complete the side pursuit "The Grace for the Dalish". To work on this you have to complete side quests for other members of the Dalish Clan. The clan is situated in the western area of the Exalted Plains
17 Fairbank Emerald Graves Complete along side it pursuit "Victims of War" You will get this side quest upon entering the Emerald Graves
18 Fredrick of
The Western Approach Total all his part quests and kill the tall Dragon when you look at the west Approach Understand Abyssal tall Dragon at Dragons' Bane to find out more
19 Michel de
Emprise du Lion Talk to him outside Sahrnia, capture Suledin Keep, and beat Imshael Missable, you need to talk to Michel before you go to Suledin hold. and destroy Imshael. In the event that you accept Imshael's provide and also you choose to allow him live, Michel will perish.
20 Chief Movran Sit on the throne in Skyhold Exile the Avvar tribe to Tevinter (finish along side it quest ‘The Lost Souls’ in Fallow Mire)

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