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Dragon Age Inquisition Agents

Recruiting Inquisition agents lowers the time war table missions try complete. Specific individuals and teams provide other unique benefits.

EditThe Hinterlands Agents

Lord Berand – You can find Berand at Lornan’s Exile after you close the rift in. I think he was at in the second floor associated with the pub. Speak to him about after finding their fiancé's dead human body and get him to participate the Inquisition in which he will. He makes Cullen get back 5% quicker from missions.

Speaker Anais – She will in addition get in on the Inquisition after you close the rift for the reason that location. While she doesn’t give a buff you can get a single time solution to do a few things. It is possible to elect to either be a realtor for Leliana or Josephine or just to assist the refugees for an electrical boost.

Smuggler Tanner – You can find Smuggler Tanner in the Redcliffe village. Utilizing the quest “Business Arrangements” speak to the submit woman and use Cassandra as your special. She's going to join you and provides Leliana a 5percent reduction timer on all missions.

Horsemaster Dennet – The horse master does not get an immediate buff but lets you get brand new supports at stables in Haven. Have Cassandra or Dorian with you whenever you accomplish the pursuit “Horses the Inquisition” and use her/him to convince him ahead along.

Ritts – Ritts is a scout because of the Inquisition. You Can Get her by conserving the lady from Templars in “Strange Bedfellows”. Uncertain exactly what she does, however, if you have got Varric speak to the woman once you conserve her, she joins the Inquisition.

Enchantress Ellendra – there is certainly an enchantress Agent when you look at the Hinterlands also, simply outside the crossroads. You need to finish My Lover's Phylactery quest to enable the woman to become listed on. As soon as you return a phylactery to her, have Vivienne speak with the woman to persuade her to become listed on. She can additionally be persuaded to joing if you should be playing as a mage or possess arcane persuade discussion choice.

Clemence — A tranquil mage, located in Redcliffs tavern, speak to him after meeting the very first Enchanter in which he will offer you to participate the inquistion as an Alchemist.

Corporal Vale - After finishing each of Vale's demands (Apostate Caches, hunting rams, obtaining a healer, etc.) and potentially some or all the healer's natural herb requests, Vale tells you the refugees are eventually safe. Then he lets you know you could recruit the competent refugees. Select that choice to get an Inquisition Agent. (The other choice incentives energy.)

Sky Watcher – You will definitely fulfill a Skyguard at one of the Rifts in the area. Talk to him about a few things in which he will help you battle the demons that come out of the rift. When you finish the “Lost Souls” quest go back to the entrance of fort to locate him once more. Ask him to become listed on the Inquisition therefore the Avvar will join. This decreases how long it can take Josephine to-do missions by 5per cent.

The Blades of Hessarian – Take the option to challenge the first choice for the Blades by forging an Amulet of Mercy (requires 1 Deepstalker Hide and 2 Serpentstone) and wearing it to your Blades' keep. Defeat the top in addition to Blades will get in on the inquisition as a representative.

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