Dragon Age Inquisition Alistair

Spoiler caution! If you've currently played through Dragon Age: Origins, go ahead and click and pull to highlight the hidden phrase below.

Maybe he became the King within Dragon Age playthrough, or he ended up a drunken lout.

Whatever occurred to him, Alistair had been a chap. Yeah, alright, he whined slightly, but child did he be useful in a fight! Plus, his personality ended up being prompted by two of your preferred Whedonverse characters: Xander Harris and Malcolm Reynolds. Yup, that little bit of information did influence our love alternatives while the feminine Warden.

Add this 1/6 scale Alistair figure to your celebration! Standing at about 12.5 ins with an authentic and fully-realized likeness to his appearance in game, including realistic paint application and outfit (with this sweet-looking bonnet). He's got over 25 things of articulation, three sets of interchangeable fingers, and his blade and guard; so he's nearly infinitely poseable to replicate your preferred in-game moments. Now, why don't we hope they make an Iron Bull figure after that!

Product Specifications

  • Officially-licensed Dragon Age: Inquisition collectible
  • 1/6 scale figure with more than 25 things of articulation
  • From ThreeZero
  • Genuine and step-by-step fully-realized likeness
  • Game-accurate facial phrase with detail by detail texture
  • Practical paint application
  • Proportions: Approximately 12.5" tall
  • Includes figure with sword, shield, and 3 units of compatible arms
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