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With Dragon Age: Inquisition on route, I think a lot of people are appropriately asking: does BioWare truly must place straight figures in most of the games?

I am aware it's 2014 and I’m all for ending discrimination and finally letting right folks marry, but have actuallyn’t we lost picture of what’s vital? Occasionally i simply wish to sit back and lose myself in a fantasy world, and I also feel just like real-world politics are receiving in the way.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m perhaps not a heterophobe — i understand numerous straight people in actual life, and they’re all kind, good, loving souls. But personally i think like we have to draw the range someplace and state: does every game need to have a token straight personality? It’s like, we have it: you’re drawn to the exact opposite intercourse. Wow. What an interesting personality trait.

I feel like BioWare are just attempting too hard. a straight character may be fine, as long as they’re not defined by just how straight they've been. I'm like a lot of people tend to be keen to jump on the inclusivity bandwagon without considering this. If a character is there because they’re straight, does not that even more harm than advisable that you the cause of straight folks? Once again, I’m maybe not right myself — nervous laughter, haha — but that’s what I think. IDK. Only telling it enjoy it is.

Phone me personally “the theif” if you must, but all I’m saying is that a lot of people — quite rightly, I think — don’t wish to view a guy sex with a woman. I’m only putting it on the market. I do believe that produces lots of people uncomfortable. Perhaps not me personally obviously, but shouldn’t BioWare be considering this before it causes us to look at this kind of thing?

I'm like you click one incorrect thing in a BioWare online game, or state one incorrect line of discussion, and abruptly your character is getting struck in by a straight individual, or having straight, heterosexual intercourse! It’s unwelcome and a bit off-putting. Once more, I’m maybe not saying it's wrong, I’m just saying that… well, I think straight folks should not flaunt it that way facing us.

Anyhow, don’t BioWare have significantly more important things to focus on, like, I don’t understand, making an ending that doesn’t suck? Peace away.

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