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Dragon Age Keep Open Beta just around the cornerI can't wait to hear exactly what everybody else thinks about it! Huge congratulations into Dragon Age hold group - some long, extended hours and boat-loads of work have been put into this task and today they may be starting their creation to your globe.

by Princess Stabbity

My other beta testers tend to be a mixture of brand-new players and old arms at Dragon Age. Many do not know excessively on how to make use of on the web functions, and some tend to be computer system whizzes. So there is a very good mix of kinds who will be testing. If some one available to you has actually used but is worried which they won't be invited as they are not an enhanced player, have no anxiety - they're going to require a number of players to try.

That being said, this will be also one of many nicest bunch of folks I had the pleasure of talking to. Most people are peaceful (well, relatively, unless we are dealing with just how excited we have been in regards to the maintain and Inquisition) and respectful, even if having dissenting opinions.

We published the above ahead of the day for Open Beta ended up being announced but it however applies. I am happy having beta'd alongside the other testers; they may be a fantastic group. Since everyone else can test coming a few weeks, i am hoping we get quite a bit more great individuals making use of the continue :)

The very last wave of invites went recently for everyone that has sent applications for the beta. If you did not get a message, just make an effort to log on to the Keep at

, and sign the NDA. You should be in the next day, but monitor their particular Twitter account because they do announce each day as soon as the latest NDA-signers have been let in. As far as I understand, the day for Open Beta is still October 29, and so I wish everyone enjoys!

by Princess Stabbity

Revisions from tonight's Keep Twitch stream:

  • 200 alternatives from the maintain should be brought in into Dragon Age: Inqusition
  • Data synchronisation from BSN continues to be handicapped
  • No time is defined for available beta yet
  • Brand new tiles when it comes to Iron Bull and Josephine romances were shown
  • a very good music player will be included with The retain in the following enhance and will also be down automatically

You can watch it in its totality right here:

I'm really enjoying the team's Friday evening Twitch streams and hope they keep doing them! If you missed this one, you can catch the next one and/or watch the past streams at the URL above. They are doing them (or


to do all of them) every Friday at 4pm MST.

by Princess Stabbity

Something that stands apart in my experience is exactly how full the Keep feels while testing. Sure, there are a few items that are not final, but running across all of them is in fact a shock often. It is funny when it feels as though you're testing a total and solid product, then see a thing that brings you up short - "oh yeah, we're still in beta!" It really is fun.. using the periodic note that it's nevertheless maybe not a "final" product, although it feels as though one.

Something I like is the fact that capacity to give comments is easy - there is no should leap through hoops to achieve someone. They've managed to get an easy task to either report a bug or just send some comments, and that is a goody.

Everyone else should be able to feel the Keep soon. Many thousands of beta invites have gone aside recently, and also the Keep may be coming out into available beta as soon as possible,

as launched

by the group through Dragon Age Twitter account.

Join us on a trip through show within the after that couple of weeks and share your choices that shaped the journey to #DAI.

by Princess Stabbity

Beta testers are useful in more methods than one. Not only do they supply more hands for screening, although larger the share, the greater amount of varied the opinions tend to be and more recommendations the team gets.

One thing specifically usually sometimes a dev group can be so close to a product they cannot see it from anything but a specific viewpoint. They are occasionally astonished because of the views provided by their particular testers because they never ever considered anything in that way; fresh eyes are needed to "see" some thing correctly and that is where the testers are available. We can point out that something doesn't sound right, or that anything would-be enhanced by showing it differently, or that one thing is ideal just how its and don't change it.

The continual increase of fresh eyes required might be one reason why that invites venture out in waves, without welcoming a bunch of individuals all at once. If you have not already been welcomed yet, never surrender hope - monitor @DragonAgeKeep for notices of when the invites venture out. Also remember to check on your junk e-mail folders :) they have recently stated that they're hoping to get everyone in whom desired to be in before heading real time, so positively hold checking (no pun desired :)).

by Princess Stabbity

As seen throughout the Gamescom trailer, Hawke, at least, will probably devote a look in Inquisition. This will make it a lot more crucial that you replicate our society says prior to going into Inquisition, as we will definitely want our Hawke seen in-game to be as close possible to the one we played in Dragon Age 2. this will be with regard to our Hawke's race, gender, and class. If Hawke as well as the Warden do place in an appearance we'll have the ability to modify their


eventually besides within the maintain (it was stated via some tweets during Gamescom), so I'm wondering exactly how that will be accomplished. There will never be a personality creator when you look at the Keep, so customization will not happen truth be told there - it will need to be in-game somewhere, either during personality creation or other time, maybe whenever we're being told about the Warden and/or Hawke during among Varric's infamous stories, and maybe even following they appear ("no, no, from the from Varric's tale which they appeared as if _____" after that taking that an in-game customization display). This might be all conjecture, obviously.. considering no character creator for our Warden and Hawke into the maintain introduced everything in your thoughts.

Whatever the case, the point stays that it is now more important to get our details right into the maintain about the Warden and Hawke we should import. Always set these up, while you don't want a male mage Hawke turning up instead of your spouse warrior Hawke :D

by Princess Stabbity

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