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Method of the Necromancer, and Means of the Rift Mage are triggered after talking with the appropriate trainers if you are playing as a mage they arrive once you complete the Specialists for the Inquisitor mission from war chart. Even though you can operate all three quests, you can just agree to the three disciplines, that will be irreversible. You'll resolve all three quests before generally making your ultimate choice.

All "method of X" quests require that you produce a certain item to offer to your trainer whom allocated the pursuit. Each instructor offers the dish instantly upon triggering the quest. These items, no matter what kind it really is, have to be crafted at a Requisitions dining table. There's one Requisitions table at each and every camp on the go, you can also make use of the one in the building alongside in which Cassandra trains in Skyhold.

In the event that you stick to the (as accompanied by Vivienne), you essentially become a melee mage. You can actually wield an extremely effective magical sword that cuts through barriers and armors, which will considerably assist against dragons and red templars. It's best for direct harm, and converts your mage into an unstoppable melee assailant.

The Knight-Enchanter expertise is nearly game-breaking, and when combined with the right spells various other woods, your personality can be powerful enough to single-handedly destroy just about anything in the online game, Dragons included. Vivienne can currently do this if the woman abilities and capabilities tend to be assigned precisely, therefore if both your character and Vivienne just take this course, the two of you can obliterate everything in your means also on toughest trouble amounts. Your various other friends will you need to be along the trip.

To see this for action, check out the IGN video below to observe how to designate the abilities with regards to their best efficiency.

As previously mentioned in the journal, you will need three components to create the Spirit Blade Hilt to continue the quest. You will need here resources:

For those who have recruited Vivienne, available the book near her in her room in Skyhold. If you haven't recruited the girl, the guide can be purchased from the guide vendor in Val Royeaux.

You'll need to gather the Wisp Essences your self into the Fallow Mire. The screenshot below shows the chart of location, in addition to purple groups indicate and you'll discover them. (Note the positioning regarding the Den landmark for reference.) There might be numerous Wisp Essences per noticeable location, so you may not need to go to them all. However, it can take several searching trips to eliminate adequate opponents to farm all three devices.

The Lazurite are available in The Western Approach, Exalted Plains, and Hissing Wastes. It is possible to mine it yourself, but you can run the objective Hissing Wastes Resources with Cullen in the event that you'd instead perhaps not collect those your self.

After assembling the components, you'll assemble the Spirit Blade Hilt at any requisition dining table. Deliver it to Commander Helaine to solve the quest. Her location is not marked from the chart but she, like various other trainers, really stands nearby the front gate of Skyhold.

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