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Uncover the fate of last Inquisitor in addition to powerful dragon he hunted.Enter an overgrown backwoods filled up with Avvar, fiercely separate hunters which decided in the south mountains of Thedas. Explore their culture to uncover what occurred into the final Inquisitor in addition to dragon he pursued. Find an ancient Tevinter fortress that conceals a dangerous key. Inside brand-new adventure, playable in the Dragon Age: Inquisition campaign, you'll face powerful foes, gain renowned armor and tools, and confront an old god of war bent on destroying the world.Features: • Uncover a lost part into the reputation for the Inquisition and see the greatest fate for the last Inquisitor• Explore an enormous, brand-new area in Thedas with lush woodlands and mountainous terrain• Earn the respect of Avvar warriors while destroying an old cult• fortify the Inquisition through new businesses unlocked by the discoveries

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