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Dragon Age: Inquisition may be the latest within the epic dream roleplaying gaming show, Dragon Age. Such as previous games, you can enter enchanting relationships with certain characters, offering that your own character satisfies certain criteria.

This short article is a step by step guide on how best to romance Cullen, your War Counsellor and consultant. Although not a playable personality, he's there from beginning to end and offered to finish War Table quests.

You can just romance Cullen as a female elf or a female individual.

Fulfilling and Flirting with Cullen

Cullen has been you from the start, following you have sealed some Fade Rifts with Solas and Cassandra. However, you can't speak to him beyond general cutscenes unless you have actually travelled towards the Hinterlands to satisfy with Mother Giselle.

Once you can talk independently with him in Haven, approach him. He'll rant a bit about the state of things, then apologise for going on too much. Choose the love option "i love your passion." He gets very flustered, that is attractive.

Keep chatting to him whenever you can. Ask about his life as a Templar, but avoid conversations about Lyrium, since it makes him uncomfortable. When he talks about his Templar vows, select flirt option "think about vows againt celebicy?"

Gaining Approval

Unlike almost all of the various other figures, Cullen won't have the state endorsement rating. But increases your chances of getting his relationship and trust in the event that you ally using Templars, by choosing the "Champions for the Just" quest. Choosing to ally together in addition gains positive approval rating from Cassandra, Iron Bull, Varric, Blackwall and Vivienne.


There isn't much more you certainly can do with romancing Cullen until once you've completed the quest "inside Heart Shall Burn". Approach Cullen in Skyhold, in which he's having a discussion along with his troops. Ask him if he is okay. When he discusses what happened in the last quest, find the love choice "I'm glad we managed to make it." You will see a sweet minute in the middle of your character and Cullen.

When you've got acknowledged Dorian into the celebration (in the event that you had not already), approach Cullen again in Skyhold. You'll see him and Dorian playing a game of chess, with an amusing cutscene. Accept to relax and play a game with him, and choose "play reasonable".

A short while later, Cullen will say he enjoyed the video game. Flirt by saying "we should do this more frequently."

Ask to talk with him alone. Here, you can elect to enter a relationship with him (if you are an elf, your personality will ask if Cullen features an issue to you becoming Dalish, but this has no effect on the romance).

Taking Lyrium

After the primary quest storyline "Wicked Minds and Wicked Hearts" (where Cullen will dance with you in a touching scene), go find Cullen. He won't be there, as their assistant states he is talking with Cassandra. Despite Cassandra becoming in the same spot she typically is (near the inn), she'll be conversing with Cullen whenever you find him in a building near the sparring location, that is north-east of this inn in which Sera and Iron Bull spend time.

View the cutscene with Cassandra and Cullen, after that get find him your self. Select the romance choice "we care about what you want."

This will be significant - never encourage Cullen to keep taking Lyrium. As an alternative, motivate him to fight through the discomfort. If you simply tell him to take the medicine, he might cut-off the romance with you.

Cementing the Romance

Go and do a little more sidequests while Cullen takes time to cool off. Shortly once, Cullen will ask in the event that you will go Ferelden with him. Accept by saying "let's go", which leads to a sweet scene. Accept the present he proposes to you.

This cements the partnership, rendering it impractical to enter a commitment with somebody else (unless you end things with Cullen, but, why can you wish to?)

Following the pursuit "right here Lies the Abyss", you will have to be able to enter a special relationship with him, prompting a steamy love scene. Cue the screaming fangirls!

Versus other characters eg Cassandra, it's easier than you think to enter a relationship with Cullen. He's very shy and gets flustered initially, but once you have claimed his heart, he's passionate, making fangirls throughout the world squeal with delight. Can you love Cullen around we do? Comment here!

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