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Dragon Age Inquisition Dagna

Before the Dawn - Dagna comes up to a solutionWhen heading to raid Sahrnia quarry, it can be expedient to also complete the main objectives for Take Back the Lion, as following the plot will gradually lead the player to the quarry either way. It also opens up a couple of new quests, which can be completed in the quarry, namely Rocky Rescue and Red Captors. Inside the quarry, quests Words not Hollow, Caged Confession and Quarry Quandary can be obtained, as well.

  • The red templars are handled before beginning this pursuit, and thus this percentage of the pursuit won't have to-be done.

While clearing the quarry, grab the hidden bottle of Legacy White Shear (discovered inside the secured tower from the right side of quarry entrance) and claim landmark Sahrnia Quarry more in.

Come back to Cullen using information available at the quarry. He concludes the key to weakening Samson is destroy their armor and proposes your Inquisitor consult with Dagna concerning this. Speaking-to Dagna about possible weaknesses in Samson's armor after that opens up War dining table operation Finding Samson's Weakness.

After completing that, talk with Cullen once again about what Dagna found. This results in another procedure find Samson. A short while later, speak to Cullen about raiding Samson's camp. After this, the Inquisitor can visit the Shrine of Dumat where Samson is based.

Go to Samson's camp at Shrine of Dumat with Cullen accompanying the celebration. After battling a pack of purple templar horrors, guards and a behemoth, it becomes evident that Samson understood the Inquisitor was coming - the camp has already been destroyed. The Inquisitor after that encounters Maddox, Samson's tranquil assistant, that has poisoned himself and can not be conserved. Speak with Cullen after Maddox's demise for a little additional insight.

Search the ultimate space in addition to earlier room locate clues about Samson's armor. There are three clues - a concealed note, containers of purple lyrium and lyrium-forging tools. The celebration concludes when these tools were utilized by Maddox to help make Samson's armor, maybe Dagna may find a method to unmake it.

Return to Skyhold to generally meet Cullen and Dagna to discuss the equipment. In after cutscene it seems Dagna features certainly discovered a solution.

Completing the pursuit yields:

  • 1, 934 XP
  • 400 Impact
  • 3 Power


  • Before making Samson's camp, consult with Cullen and recommend Maddox ought to be provided a funeral:
Slightly Approves- Blackwall, Vivienne, Varric, Dorian, Iron Bull
  • The Exceptional Corrupting Rune SchematicRune Schematic
    Inflicts extra damage against humanoids, beasts, and pets on each tool hit.
    is looted when you look at the space if your wanting to look for Maddox in the Shrine of Dumat.
  • When you look at the final dialog, Dagna arms over a special rune produced from Red lyrium. However, it will not exist in inventory and will not need to be crafted onto tools.

Codex entries

Emerald Graves

Emprise du Lion

  • Before starting the quest, an Inquisition representative in Cullen's company in Skyhold will tell the Inquisitor that Cullen went to consult with Cassandra. In the event that Inquisitor finishes Sera's "prank" unmarked quest before speaking to this agent, she's going to be un-interactable, and therefore Cullen will never appear at their table, making any further discussion or his quests uncompletable.
  • xbox360 After deciding that-a-way must be found to destroy Samson's armor, when you have not already recruited Dagna as an arcanist, Cullen will state that you must get an arcanist. But in the event that you consult with him again before doing so, he can tell you straight to speak with Dagna, even though she's got not been recruited and is perhaps not at Skyhold.
  • Raiding the Quarries before submiting the smuggler letters to Cullen may bring about a bug, in which the War dining table procedure Finding Samson's Weakness or research Sahrnia Quarry is obviously marked as hectic, and so the pursuit can not be completed.

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