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Fereldan Frostback

The Fereldan Frostback is one of the ten high dragons experienced in . It can be present in woman Shayna's Valley; the northeast area of the Hinterlands, closest towards the Dusklight Camp.


The Fereldan Frostback is a variation of tall Dragon this is certainly native to the Frostback Mountains. Even when versus various other tall Dragons, Frostbacks tend to be viciously territorial. They often times claim a large swath of area where their particular many offspring are allowed to roam, beneath the security of these mother.

Level 12 Boss 90000 HP (Typical) / 105261 HP (Nightmare) 38 Armor Better Fire Resistance Cool Vulnerability Immunity: All Disabling Effects Immunity: Slowed Perceptive


The Fereldan Frostback is resistant to fire, but vulnerable to cold. This woman is protected to any or all debilitating impacts. It is strongly suggested to face this dragon at amounts 10 to 13 utilizing a warrior, a rogue dual wielding daggers and either two mages or one mage plus one rogue archer. All party people needs to have fire-resistant armor and dragon-slaying or frost gun runes. Equipping fire opposition tonics may also be helpful.

Despite becoming the initial dragon most people encounter, the Fereldan Frostback could be very tough even for people who over-level on their own prior to the battle. This is mainly because her controlling the landscapes associated with fight in addition to calling dragonlings to assist the lady, the latter frequently swarming the people.

There are four phases associated with the fight:

  • Very First Stage. While you enter the initial location near to the camp (Lady Shayna's Valley), the dragon will circle around, destroying the top the central spire by smashing into it. Upon witnessing your party she will begin to sporadically bombard fireballs. The initial fireballs will undoubtedly be coming straight above you so make an effort to dodge them to get near the central spire. The dragon will change her path if you're far adequate in. Standing behind the spire will protect you from this brand new revolution of fireballs. You can also invest some hits with a mage or an archer. After several rounds, she's going to ultimately travel and secure next location (bloodstream high cliffs). If for some reason you might be caught off-guard by a wild fireball, you have time to throw barrier into the time the fireball takes to travel. Be aware that this area includes dragonlings who'll also attack you if they notice you.

Note: you are able to skip this phase completely by running through Lady Shayna's Valley into the bloodstream Cliffs.

  • 2nd Stage. The dragon places inside bloodstream high cliffs location and also this is where the actual battle starts. Ensure you get your warrior in front of the dragon and all ranged users toward edges so far as possible from her. All dragons are resistant to taunting, therefore the only function to abilities such as War Cry or Challenge is always to produce guard. Rogues with daggers must be behind to maximize damage. Dragons have several targetable parts: dealing adequate harm to any leg will force the woman to leap to the other knee. As an example, when you hurt the left knee adequate she'll leap to her right. Whenever she does therefore, reposition your staff as before with only the warrior ahead. This placement means that only your warrior will likely to be hit by air attacks, you may not get taken in by the woman maelstrom assault (where she flaps the woman wings and pulls the party in close while doing heavy harm), as well as your celebration won't get stomped on. Though she can't be taunted, she's going to nonetheless attack the celebration user with all the greatest hazard generation, in cases like this your warrior putting on heavy armor. Cast Barrier whenever possible on warrior or any user just who requires it many.
  • 3rd Stage. Whenever you slashed her health to 75per cent, she's going to try the heavens once again, putting fireballs and breathing fire down a path. This attack is somewhat difficult in order to avoid as it is faster versus fireball and has now an extensive AoE, so it is a good idea to maintain your party on the road. She will land on a ledge and call dragonlings to attack you. Although you can used ranged attacks now, you need to consider killing the dragonlings to stop them harming your party. The dragon will go back to the field after killing most of the dragonlings in addition to battle will continue depending on the next phase. Taking the woman wellness down to ~50per cent will make her fly to a ledge and summon dragonlings once again. In this stage the dragon could use a roar that may stun your whole party for some seconds.
Note: If you are able to deal adequate harm at round the 75per cent point, e.g. with an archer dealing vital Long Shot or Comprehensive Draw damage with a powerful bow, then she's going to not remove or summon any dragonlings and can remain on the floor throughout the battle. It might probably help target the woman head, as adequate harm there will interrupt her attacks while making this lady forget exactly what she ended up being doing for a second.

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