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Dragon Age Inquisition Grey Warden


The Lone Warden

The Lone Warden is a friend quest in, where in fact the Inquisitor can recruit Blackwall.

One of Leliana's representatives reported a person, calling himself Blackwall, dressed up in full gray Warden regalia and last seen traveling through Fereldan Hinterlands. With so many Wardens disappearing into the wake of Divine's death, this Blackwall should always be questioned.


Journey to Hinterlands, where Blackwall can be bought southwest from the Upper Lake camp. He could be on the opposite (west) side of the nearby pond therefore the player needs to go around it. The Inquisitor will find him rallying a few conscripts to battle from the bandits, that will strike shortly afterward. When talking to him after the fight, he proposes to join the Inquisition.

Note: in addition, it is possible to visit the Crossroads upfront and consult a guy called Giles, tilting resistant to the course wall between Vale and Whittle, who will offer you some information about just what Blackwall's been up to and where he had been final headed.

Note: Though perhaps not a codex, there is a letter found on the human anatomy of one of this bandits which gives some history on his tale. It could be present in the Gallery below.

  • 177 XP
  • 80 Influence
  • 1 Energy
  • Following the battle with all the bandits, the fight overlay may remain up through the follow-up dialog with Blackwall, stopping any dialog choices from becoming opted for. This seems to be unfixable, and an earlier salvage should be loaded (unconfirmed - Computer, Xbox One).

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