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Dragon Age Inquisition import

Yep, ditto happened certainly to me plus it reaaally sucks. But we figured it provides me another basis for a moment playthrough and simply don't have any objectives concerning the world this time.

I am uncertain there is everything we can do except to restart. However for the very next time, in Dragon Age Keep you can go to World shows from selection. The first display screen will reveal Editable says, plus it should show the main one you've been modifying if you've shipped it. The following screen will highlight what World States have been imported into the Inquisition online game. Within my situation it doesn't show the whole world State I edited for some reason, I'm guessing you'll see similar too.

So to ensure that you actually imported the right World State (it really is kinda irritating there is no simpler option to verify this, I think they need to only record the options in game ME style):

1. Export your world condition from DA maintain once again (if you are currently through with your current globe condition, i believe just altering one thing and changing it back allow you to export once again)

2. Begin a fresh game, finish the personality modification and begin the overall game proper

3. Return to DA hold's World States and go directly to the second screen (Playthrough says)

4. Ensure that the most recent one (Playthrough 1) could be the one you want by: simply click Copy to Editable, get back to Editable shows, click on the globe state, click Load in Keep, visit Tapestry and discover it has suitable alternatives

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