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The left-hand of Divine is an advisor pursuit of Leliana in .

a page, compiled by Divine Justinia and posthumously brought to Leliana, directed Leliana to see Valence, a little town regarding Waking Sea. The Divine left something inside chantry that Leliana must see.


This quest becomes available following conclusion of right here Lies the Abyss or Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. Leliana obtains a posthumous page from Divine Justinia V instructing her to travel to the Valence Cloister where in actuality the Divine had previously already been the Revered mom. Leliana thinks Justinia left anything truth be told there on her behalf. The Inquisitor accompanies this lady with this trip.


After acquiring this pursuit, fast travel to the cloister in Valence.

Note: You will be prompted to select your party, nonetheless not one of this selected celebration people can look inside cloister at any point during quest. Since there's no struggle in this area.

Upon showing up, Leliana will reminisce about taking a trip here after the Fifth Blight (with the Warden, if she had been romanced.) and conference Justinia, who was simply during the time still Revered mom Dorothea. A female called Sister Natalie appears and greets Leliana, just who signals towards Inquisitor that one thing appears incorrect.

Valence Cloister frontNatalie and Leliana discuss the mystical letter, thinking about just what it indicates and in which Justinia might have left a last memento for Leliana, along with of other things. Leliana notes a few esoteric clues that the Inquisitor can use to see concealed components beneath relevant Chantry paintings to open a secret door concealing Justinia's final gift for Leliana.

The clues tend to be:

  • "Always remember that belief sprung from a barren branch." (artwork in anteroom of thorny branch)
  • "especially, that power lives in an open heart." (painting in statue area of Andraste's death)
  • "That light has no concern about darkness." (brazier in statue space)

After the secret door is uncovered, Leliana converts on Natalie and threatens this lady with a knife. It appears that Natalie was a plant sent by Grand Cleric Victoire, who was formerly a nominal adversary of Justinia's and is now an enemy regarding the Inquisition getting ready to move against exactly what she views as a heretical business. Leliana notes Natalie's slips in discussion and gown that tipped the woman off and prepares to eliminate the girl.

The trick door

In the event that Inquisitor features formerly taken activities to "soften" Leliana's character (notably, convincing this lady to not ever destroy the lady broker Butler in Haven and convincing the woman that the woman agents are not expendable following destruction of Haven in pursuit within Heart Shall Burn), she will be frustrated out of this strategy and will just jeopardize Natalie into aiding the Inquisition. If you don't, she will eliminate Natalie.

As soon as in the key space, Leliana will discover a package that appears vacant. On additional assessment, there is certainly an inscription within it stating that "the Left Hand should lay out her burden." Leliana knows that Justinia is releasing the girl. The Divine feared using Leliana as Marjolaine had, and thought she had "failed" her-as the nature in the Fade during pursuit right here Lies the Abyss noted-by benefiting from Leliana to keep her very own hands clean. To verify the woman "softened" personality, the Inquisitor can advise Leliana to stop torturing herself, or else verify her "hardened" personality if she's killed Natalie and already been promoted to be more ruthless.

Leliana will find comfort with Justinia's death along with her own future.

Note: This quest requires actions to "softening" Leliana.

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