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Dragon Age Inquisition main characters

you will see your overall data in personality window - qualities - personality development - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & WalkthroughEach of this playable characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition is explained by some qualities. As I stated previously, the development of qualities is an automated process, in other words. the selected people tend to be raised as soon as you development to another location knowledge amount. This doesn't mean, but that you must not absorb all of them, remember that they can be modified, e.g. because of wearing components of armor with particular features.

The main character attributes are:

  • Strength - unquestionably, this is the main feature for every single warrior as it affects the effectiveness of his attacks. Apart from that, this parameter impacts the worth of this bonus you get while breaking through the Guard of an opponent.
  • Dexterity - unquestionably, here is the main characteristic for almost any rogue because it affects the potency of their assaults. After that, this parameter impacts the worth for the extra you get to important harm.
  • Secret - undoubtedly, this is the main characteristic for almost any mage since it impacts the effectiveness of their assaults. As well as that, this parameter affects the worth associated with the extra you get, while breaking through magical obstacles raised because of the enemies.
  • Cunning - this characteristic impacts the chance of dealing crucial damage and also the protection against ranged attacks.
  • Willpower - this characteristic affects the value for the harm you deal, regardless of the class of one's personality. As well as that, it improves your opposition to magic attacks.
  • Constitution - this might be a significant feature that strikes, predominantly, the amount of health things that each character features. Apart from that, it impacts the effectiveness of defense in melee combat.

The residual essential attributes are:

  • Armor Penetration - this attribute determines the level to which armor of the adversary is ignored, while attacking him. The bigger the value regarding the attribute, the greater the chance to deal even more damage to the opponent, while disregarding the armor he could be currently wearing.
  • Vital Chance - the higher the percentile value of this characteristic, the larger the possibility of landing a crucial strike.
  • Flanking Damage Bonus - this feature regulates bonus towards harm you deal while assaulting the opponent through the flank or from at the rear of.
  • Resistances - all of the qualities in this group permit you to just take less harm from different elements (fire, ice, etc.)
  • Guard - this attribute comprises to an extra security for certain personality. The attacking adversary must break the defenses first, and only then can he deal injury to the smoothness.
  • Armor Rating - This feature informs you associated with course of the armor. The higher the worth, the higher toleration of harm.
  • Health - it is the best thing to make certain that this price is as large as it can get. Note - losing most of the wellness does not always mean the death of the character, because it only loses awareness and will be healed by another celebration member. But losing health by all party members leads to failure.
  • Focus - this really is an essential feature that, in a way, costs with damage that the celebration deals. Once you gather enough concentrate things, you can easily launch yet another assault.

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