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Dragon Age Inquisition Merrill

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for Dragon Age II.

Hawke's commitment standing...

If Hawke is in friendship or rivalry with Merrill:

"every thing i really do, every thing I've ever done, had been the great of my folks."

Merrill spends increasingly more of the woman time secured away in her household into the alienage along with her mirror; she simply leaves simply to purchase meals, which she does therefore rarely that Varric has taken to using produce brought to her home. At the least she not any longer gets lost as she wanders the city.

If Hawke is within a love with Merrill:

"If you hadn't started to Sundermount that day... I can't imagine where I'd be today."

Merrill moved into Hawke's Mansion in Hightown ― and not as a servant, a lot on horror regarding the neighbours. She more scandalized a nearby by wandering around without footwear on, choosing the plants away from other's gardens, and cooing happily at their assault puppies. Multiple angry letters were delivered to the Champion in addition to seneschal, nevertheless situation remains unchanged.

She continues to go back to the woman ramshakle household in alienage, spending a lot of time taking care of the woman mirror.

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