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Dragon Age Inquisition new companions

5. [Research.] 4. Why didn't it desire in? Somewhat Approves5. The reason why would they summon it? Somewhat Approves

Finding the nature

Solas: (Growls.) 1. Is your friend? A Little Disapproves2. Just what took place? (No approval changes) 3. That's a demon. Slightly Disapproves4. They corrupted it. (Requires Arcane Knowledge perk/Rift Mage Specialization/Templar Specialization) ApprovesSolas: we are perhaps not right here that will help you. 1. Yes, we are. Somewhat Disapproves2. Solas is smarter than you may be. A Little Approves3. No, we're maybe not. (No approval changes) Solas: Inquisitor. Kindly. 1. We'll keep your friend. A Little Approves2. Certain, you will want to? (No endorsement modifications) 3. it might be less dangerous to destroy it. Slightly Disapproves4. I'm able to break it. (Needs Arcane Knowledge perk/Rift Mage Specialization/Templar Specialization) Approves5. Rift secret could help. (Requires Rift Mage Specialty) Approves

Battling the demon

Destroying the summoning stone Greatly ApprovesKilling the pride demon Greatly DisapprovesMage: ...The book said it might assist us! 2. [allow Solas destroy all of them.] Approves5. [Stop Solas.] Disapproves

Talking-to Solas in Skyhold

Solas: ...(conversation is dependent on the way the Inquisitor managed the pleasure demon) Any options. (No approval changes) Solas: i possibly could barely abandon at this point you. 2. Goodbye. (finishes discussion) (No endorsement modifications) 4. i am here for you. (Romance) 5. [Explore.]

  • Each choice. A Little Approves
  • If Inquisitor is an elf, a translated form of the change between Solas and also the spirit can look when you look at the subtitles. An elven inquisitor can also note while attempting to comfort Solas they understood the nature's words:
  • Solas: I'm Very Sorry Spirit: I Am perhaps not. I'm delighted. I'm me again Spirit: You helped me. Now you must endure. Guide me personally into demise. Solas: As you state. Solas: Dareth shiral (Untranslated, indicates "secured journey")
  • The cutscene will occur as long as the lifeless mages are observed and examined. Usually, whenever character is located, the cutscene will likely not occur. Saving and reloading will help initate the cutscene. One could also try traveling to Skyhold and straight back. Otherwise preserving the video game before nearing the region is highly recommended. [confirmation needed]
  • On all variations, the overall game may crash upon attacking or destroying the Summoning Stones. Also, the video game may crash following the very first cutscene in the event that you attack the demon ahead of the stones.
  • Feasible answer: Destroy one summoning stone at the same time, retreating to manually save yourself then carry on before final stone. It might probably help if all party people are ranged, on tactical camera and if the Inquisitor doesn't hit something.
  • Occasionally the dialogue between Solas while the nature is certainly not translated for elven Inquisitors, because it's supposed to be.
  • It's actually possible to resurrect the Pride Demon from quest because of the Revival spell through the Spirit tree after it is over.[confirmation required]
  • PS4: After doing the destruction for the stones, within the cutscene rigtht after, the Pride Demon may spawn on-screen. Its spawn will likely to be visible and audible although the cutscene between Solas therefore the Mages moves. The Pride Demon will then be around to fight. If celebration makes the region, the Pride Demon will disappear.
  • “Whatever we were before, we have been today the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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