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Oghren of home Kondrat ended up being as soon as a promising member of the Warrior Caste. His residence had not been especially high-ranked, but many of its members, Oghren included, had won significant victories in Provings and had been considered to be rising in prestige. Whenever a Smith Caste family with lots of cash but no governmental connections provided their child in marriage, their family members accepted the match. Then every thing changed.

Their spouse, Branka, ended up being called a Paragon on her achievements. Every one of House Kondrat joined the woman newly-made noble House Branka... and vanished together into the Deep Roads.

As time passed and it also became more clear that Oghren was in fact abandoned, he became the butt of jokes throughout Orzammar. He took to drink, which did not particularly help. Intoxicated and humiliated, he challenged another warrior to a Proving over an insult and killed him. The match had been meant to be battled to first-blood. As a punishment, he was stripped of their home and barred from bearing arms: truly the only fate worse for a warrior than exile.

“We are in possession of your dog and Alistair remains the dumbest one in the celebration.” — Morrigan
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The Grey Warden mounted a look for Branka and discovered her-and the Anvil of the Void for which she led her household to their deaths.

A short while later, having evidently nothing safer to do, Oghren supplied their solutions into gray Warden and left Orzammar to assist end the Blight.

If his endorsement achieves 20: Oghren enjoys challenging their palate with alcohols of ever increasing rarity, strength, and outright lethality. It has afforded him no advantage at all.

If Warden eliminates Oghren: He was killed in a dispute because of the Warden.

If he simply leaves the Warden after joining: He left some time later for components unidentified.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Oghren was once married to Branka, Orzammar's sole-living Paragon, but she left him to look for the Anvil of this Void. Oghren took to drink, after that unintentionally killed another warrior in a drunken Proving match. Because of this mistake, Oghren was removed of his house and banned from baring weapons - for a warrior, even worse than exile.

But Branka's obsession because of the Anvil associated with the Void had driven her angry. The Wardens helped pick a king, and Oghren, having lost every thing, left using Wardens.

When the Blight was concluded, Oghren decided down with his old fire Felsi together with a young child. But domestic bliss didn't final, and thus Oghren travelled to Vigil's retain in the hopes of becoming a Warden himself.

Oghren's enthusiasm for powerful beverage has not waned.

Oghren survived the Joining. Their considerable experience drinking bitter swill most likely aided.

If he encounters Felsi in Vigil's Keep: Felsi arrived at Vigil's maintain demanding to see Oghren. Their particular discussion ended poorly.

Whenever "Oghren the Family guy is finished: Oghren confided into the Warden-Commander. He admitted to feeling guilt over abandoning their kid and resolved becoming a significantly better parent.

In the event that Warden-Commander saves the town of Amaranthine, and simply leaves Oghren to guard Vigil's maintain: Alas, Oghren cannot wait a hangover, not to mention a whole army. He passed away when the darkspawn sacked Vigil's maintain again.

The Darkspawn Chronicles

Oghren was a decorated and highly respected warrior for the Dwarven city of Orzammar-until their partner, the Paragon Branka, made him into a cuckold. Oghren considered take in, then unintentionally killed a young noble while intoxicated. Following the dwarves stripped Oghren of their pleasure and tools, he left the surface. He decided in within Gnawed Noble Tavern in Denerim, ranting about his fame times to anyone who would pay attention.

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