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Dragon Age Inquisition screenshots

This is a gallery of Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots.

When you have a powerful sufficient rig, Dragon Age: Inquisition shines on Computer. Definitely, the video game is 4K prepared, so you can get the video game shown on best possible quality right now. At this quality, many graphical tricks and effects, eg anti-aliasing, aren't essential to make the online game appearance exceptional.

And it is that high quality which employed in these shots. These pictures were not taken at local 4K, but alternatively downsampled making use of Nvidia’s DSR. It is not a particularly sophisticated option to downsample either, and so the game can look better still than this. We are yes you may agree totally that the overall game seems great this way, which is how most Computer gamers can experience it on also average builds.

In a lot of shots, nature shots can pass for the real thing, and particle results match a that Hollywood can come up with. The video game in addition appears great, whether or not you are considering it in close up or in method or long shots.

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