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A word about Vivienne from writer Mary Kirby:

“Vivienne was fun to create because she I want to mess around with various techniques for a character is effective. Any mage can destroy their particular opponents with fire and ice, but Vivienne can tear the woman opponents apart verbally, politically, socially—and make ice seem like the gentlest choice. She takes great pleasure inside her work, along with her communications with a certain unnamed Inquisition mage is only a little… explosive. In an effective way. Mainly.”

My dear Ambassador,

We don’t think we’ve met, therefore let me introduce myself. I am initially Enchanter Vivienne, Enchanter toward Imperial legal of Orlais, individual consultant into Empress.

A rumor has reached my ears that you intend on going to the beauty salon presented on duke’s summer estate three weeks ago. I’m specific this rumor must be a scandalous falsehood, Ambassador, as neither you nor other people through the Nevarran embassy is released an invitation. As host of celebration, we trust you didn't want to crash it like some unwashed workman drunk on three tankards of ale and a dare.

I understand you are just seventy-third in line the Nevarran throne, but that's hardly therefore lowly a situation concerning relegate that trailing after Comtesse Montbelliard inside hope that she might provide your match a moment’s thought. She won’t, my dear. She only likes men with self-respect. Perhaps you might sober up-and acquire some?

I’m yes We don’t need to let you know, Ambassador, that the globe happens to be a dangerous location. Conflicts rage throughout the continent, the sky is torn open, and many say the termination of the entire world is upon united states. During such crazy times, it behooves those of us in power to aid in the restoration of peace as well as the establishment of purchase. Life have already been lost; should we maybe not conserve those we are able to? Because spirit, I provide this friendly caution: I am not to-be trifled with. I'd never be in a hurry to hasten my very own demise basically had been you, darling. If the demons have actually their method, it'll come quickly enough.

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