Vivienne, a mage in Dragon

Dragon Age Inquisition social

Note: this can be a when off location, only readily available through the story quest: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

Behind every empress (reward: nothing)

From: Approaching ladies in waiting, or Ambassador Briala in ballroom, after talking utilizing the Occult consultant in ballroom cutscene

Greet the empress's ladies-in-waiting

Talk to ambassador Briala

Talk to all these men and women inside ballroom in order to complete this 'quest'.

Briala's folks (reward: +80 impact)

From: nearing elven servants in western Hall of Heroes area

Look for conspicuous elven servants

Communicate with all of them.

Get a hold of a spot to eavesdrop from the servants' conversation

Stand where these people were standing, and eavesdrop after that. They will never observe you.

Search the visitor wing for a concealed cylinder seal

Go out on the balcony and employ your advanced seach to find the seal.

Caprice coin toss (reward: ) *Note: This is not a proper quest, and will only show up when standing near the fountain. It's the completion part of Throwing away money sidequest.

From: Approaching the fountain in Guest outdoors

Coins tossed (15) (+1 Court favor per coin tossed)

That is a modern pursuit, to toss these in as you get, or all at once at the end. The incentive is the same. At newest hand these in following the 2nd cutscene within the Royal Wing. After that is a spot of no return.

Celene's occult consultant (reward: nothing)

From: Entering little Library area (with 6 vases)

Search the collection for clues

Pick up the letters regarding table. This may trigger an alarm. In addition, part of the primary pursuit will likely be completed.

If you should be out of the space quick adequate (ahead of the protections arrive), you may get +10 judge approval. But if you are still in the room, or return after making (while the bell continues to be ringing), you might drop -20 court approval.

Even gilded wall space have actually ears (reward: +80 impact)

From: Walking near to the nobles towards the top of the left staircase close to the palace entry

Approach the speaking nobles

Walk up the stairs and enter conversation aided by the nobles. Obviously they don't as if you.

Get a hold of a safe area to eavesdrop on nobles' discussion

The "eavesdrop" spot is all about two actions away and incredibly a great deal call at the open. How usually a lot better than somewhere that obsructs picture? I have no idea. After hearing in you'll finish the pursuit.

Discover a missing key (incentive: not one) *Note: This pursuit will give you an optional additional little bit of evidence when it comes to primary quest

From: Approaching the locked halla home, within the Grand Apartments, regarding the upper floor

Access the vault

Once you've access to the Servants Quarter's area, happen to be the Grand Apartments, and rise the stairs to the upper floor. There will be a-room with three venatori enemies close by. Kill them and employ 3 halla statuettes to open up it.

(Amulet of power for Vivienne)

(Elven locket - Research for main quest, optional)

Gaspard's clandestine conference (reward: )

From: Automatically after returning from the Servant's Quarters location

Explore the trophy area

You can find protections on door towards trophy area. In order to get past them, select the dialogue choice "You should talk with Cullen." (+10 judge endorsement)

Herd of stone halla (incentive: +200 impact)

From: getting a rock halla statuette

There is a veritable herd of halla statuettes spread across the Winter Palace. They get noticed a little too much to be merely decorative.

Halla statuettes discovered (10) *Note: There are 11 statues offered, however just need 10 to complete the sidequest

  1. Palace Gardens - the initial can be found during sidequest: Access the eastern storage space space (outside palace)
  2. Guest Garden - Climb up the trellis regarding north side of the guest garden and follow the balcony round off to the right. The statue is sitting from the railing. Utilize advanced search if you cannot spot it.
  3. Servant's Quarters - On a ray overhead in the kitchen (one of the first areas in the servant's quarters area). It is possible to jump on the dining table then jump to achieve it. Or simply just climb up when you yourself have difficulty.
  4. Servant's Quarters - change left upon going into the garden inside servant's quarters to find it in a corner.
  5. Grand Apartments - change right after regaining control after the mannequin cut-scene, obvious the initial band of venatori, then your second over the way to the proper. Climb the stairs additionally the ladder right here discover it in the place of a bedroom.
  6. Grand Apartments - regarding the ledge close to for which you regain control after the scene that appears when you handle the assassin.
  7. Trophy place - In rear section of trophy area in Hall of heroes. It is important to fool the guards into leaving by conversing with the ambassador at home. Becomes available after going back from Servant's Quarters.
  8. Royal Wing - In research to the right up the very first set of steps in royal wing. Becomes readily available after entering the Royal Wing.
  9. Royal Wing - In Duchess Florianne's old room within the Royal wing. You'll perform a daring rescue in a scene indeed there, so it is simple to know which space. Becomes offered after going into the Royal Wing.
  10. Royal Wing - Go toward the marker discover material to blackmail Gaspard, but instead of going into that space, visit the area south-west to locate it down the stairs. Becomes available after entering the Royal Wing.
  11. Royal Wing - Go toward the marker to locate material to blackmail Gaspard, but instead of going into that room, mind through door straight other to your west, and travel across the open window from the north side. Becomes readily available after going into the Royal Wing.

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