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Shooting Suledin Hold

Taking Suledin Keep is a side quest in .

The red templars are pressed returning to the long-abandoned Suledin Keep. Should they shed this old elven fortress, their particular hold on the region is going to be severely weakened.


Obtained instantly once the Inquisitor establishes Tower Camp in Emprise du Lion if the quest restore the Lion has been finished.


Because the Inquisitor and their celebration get to the Suledin maintain main entry, they encounter Ser Michel de Chevin in combat with a Red Templar Knight and Shadow. After losing the immediate threat, Michel alerts the Inquisitor that Imshael has unleashed a pack of Shades to destroy the nearby village of Sahrnia. Michel makes to protect the town and it is obligated to delegate their quest for Imshael towards Inquisitor. Shattering the keep home yields the unique crafting element Sad Splinters.

Proceeding through entryway, at night cages, leads into Suledin Keep's external ramparts. The initial squadron of Red Templars are guarding the nearby staircase and consist of two Red Templars on base of the stairs with a Red Templar Marksman at the very top and a Red Templar Guard with a tower guard. When this squad has-been removed, advance within the stairs to a higher landing. There are many Red Templar tents on this landing that incorporate a number of revisions for Codex entry: Suledin hold Documents. There are also two records and another upgrade because of the cages on right associated with landing. Another purple Templar squad with the same varieties while the earlier is stationed by the cages nevertheless. A Rogue can unlock the cages, but there aren't any things around.

The passage through after that archway is guarded by another Red Templar squadron and a Red lyrium infected monster. Getting rid of the Red Templars as quickly as possible so all focus could be inclined to the Infected monster is recommended. The opponents have reached the far end associated with the road, so drawing their attention and luring them into a sizable section of impact attack such Firestorm making use of Static Cage or Pull of the Abyss can make this happen quickly and easily. Afterward, the large can be handled like its typical kin, however it has exceptional health insurance and defense. After the area was secured, one container for Bottles on the Wall can be found on a broken portion of wall surface regarding far side, prior to the following set of tents. It is crucial to climb up up on the nearby broken tree to attain the container.

The nearby tents house the corpse of some other Giant infused with Red Lyrium as well as the one in the farthest left corner offers another upgrade when it comes to suledin keep papers codex. A loot bag are obtainable through to the wall surface to the right only after dark tents. The entrance on internal hold of Suledin maintain is regarding remaining wall it is guarded by another Red Templar squadron and an infected giant that'll emerge just like the fight starts. After they've already been managed, the storage space chamber in it can be looted for 2 codex entries and several standard loot chests regarding the top walkways. The stairs behind the storage space room resulted in top standard of the internal continue. Instead, heading through the tree in the courtyard exterior also resulted in battlements. Using the right about this course instead of the left towards upper level, will induce a small camp-site with another codex change and a Felandaris weed for crafting. The remaining course which prevents the storage room will make it easier to ambush another Red Templar squadron.

The Red Templar squadron on top battlements comprises of a Red Templar Knight, two Red Templar Horrors and a Red Templar. They truly are standing reasonably close together and so a big part of effect attack are a fruitful orifice move. A loot upper body could be discovered remaining associated with commanding Knight. After securing the battlements, head through doorways in the north-east spot.

The courtyard away from primary Suledin maintain spire is well-guarded. Two Red Templars and a Red Templar Horror guard the remaining flank. Another horror is looking at suitable walkway. A Red Templar Shadow is stationed next to the Behemoth in the back but will rapidly advance towards Inquisitor's celebration as they enter. The Red Templars are spread-out over the courtyard so luring them to a bottle neck by the doorway is a good idea, but the Horrors will attack from a distance and Behemoth will begin to shatter any formations.

When full, make the stairs in the remaining to achieve spire regarding the keep and find the flagpole. There are two main loot chests regarding the left part prior to the pole. An Injured Red Templar are found right here and can be talked to for some understanding of Imshael's dealings with all the Red Templars under his command. A short while later, plant the Inquisition flag to capture Suledin Keep.

Notable things

  • Sad Splinters
    The sad keeps of an as soon as happy maintain door.

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