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Dragon Age Inquisition the Warden

Contact Hero of Ferelden

Email Hero of Ferelden is a war dining table procedure in .

Operation text

If non-romanced Leliana or Morrigan gives the information...

Sister Leliana,

Not one of your representatives have observed the Hero of Ferelden, but our regular work led us to scattered references of him/her driving through location. It will take a significant commitment of sources, but we could attempt to get in touch with him/her.

Sister Rejeanne

In the event that Warden's relationship provides the information...

Sister Leliana,

Per the information sent, our company is ready to provide a message into the Hero of Ferelden. It will not be simple, but we're going to ensure the message reaches him/her.

Advisor suggestions

Not playing this mission. At your demand, i am going to make an effort to make contact. Maybe not participating in this mission.

In the event that Warden didn't romance Morrigan, Leliana, or Alistair (or Alistair is King)...

Sister Leliana,

The Hero of Ferelden made contact; he/she left a letter to deliver to the Inquisitor, and goods from his/her travels that would be of use. We've included all of them in this missive.

Yours in-service,
Sister Rejeanne

If Warden romanced Morrigan, Leliana, or Alistair (as long as Alistair continues to be a Warden)...

Sister Leliana,

The Hero of Ferelden made contact; he/she left a letter to supply to the Inquisitor, and another becoming delivered independently. She/He in addition deliver goods from his/her journeys that might be of good use. We've included all of them in this missive.

Yours in service,
Sister Rejeanne

The shown text is based on whom gives the quest: Alistair, Leliana, or Morrigan, and whether they were romanced by the Warden. An un-romanced Morrigan offer the procedure with all the former text, but after talking to a romanced Leliana, the procedure text will alter into the latter.

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