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beii1Part 1 of 1, by Jay Watamaniuk

We have several guests at BioWare HQ recently.

Some had worked with one another consistently and yet this was this first time that they had a chance to meet into the individual. Some were from Edmonton, some originated in more away like Toronto and Ca. Some traveled further become here from Germany, Scotland and even Denmark. All are very gifted and extremely dedicated designers or modders whom all had created some of the best content for fans of Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2 to enjoy. We wanted all of them getting some hands-on time with the Dragon Age Toolset and discover the tricks directly from BioWare designers.

IMG_3218Everyone, aside from an unfortunate Scotsman just who experienced weather delays and mechanical trouble, managed to arrive the evening before for dinner and conversation. The Scotsmen did appear Wednesday morning free from the responsibility of appropriate night’s sleep but punctually and able to get.

Contribute Designer Mike Laidlaw kicked things down with a quick demonstration of Dragon Age and launched the eyesight and standard motifs of what the team ended up being attempting to capture and explore. The team saw a beta of this in the pipeline site features becoming built to help designers start and organize projects find the best team members and show-off this content they generate.

Technical Designers David Sims and Joshua Stiksma had been assigned with an introduction and breakdown of the toolset, creating simple plots, programs, and dialogue. The last class for the time had been a look at combat and capabilities by Specialized Designer give MacKay.

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