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A Letter from the Hero of Ferelden

See also: The Warden, The Warden-Commander

Codex text

If only that I had helpful tips with regards to Corypheus, but considering my own restricted training during Blight, I'm sure less of ancient darkspawn lore than do many Wardens. Im involved with a search of my very own. Every Grey Wardens who do not fall-in battle eventually fall to something referred to as Calling, a magic that preys upon our personal connection to the Blight therefore the darkspawn. Rather than such nasty miracle eventually ultimately causing my demise, I have determined discover a method to negate this Calling and save all Wardens from the results.

If Warden became Queen of Ferelden:

Element of me wants that i really could help your Inquisition more yourself because the threat of Corypheus and also the Breach approaches the threat of also another Blight. No matter, I have personal road to follow, and I also must unearth a cure for the Calling if I want to see my master ever again. We beg you, keep his kingdom secure until i will return to their part.

In the event that Warden remained aided by the Grey Wardens:

I appreciate your warning with regards to Corypheus. Luckily, my personal search has taken myself from the area where in fact the supposed magister is running, and while We have experienced challenges of my own, they usually have perhaps not involved any weakness related to my Grey Warden capabilities.

When I have little helpful information to supply, please accept the associated presents as an alternative. If, within my pursuit, We find anything that might useful for your requirements inside combat Corypheus, I will send it for you instantly.

If Warden romanced Alistair and then he stayed because of the gray Wardens:

I've additionally included an email of a personal nature for Warden Alistair.

Please take care of him. Just like me, he had been instrumental in closing the past Blight. I trust his compassion and his energy above other's, and I wouldn't go though such work to overcome our Callings only to lose him to your Inquisition.

If Warden romanced Leliana:

I've in addition included an email of an individual nature for Leliana.

I happened to be maybe not indeed there when it comes to loss of Divine Justinia, but I know it has injured her awfully. While the woman wits along with her ability are amazing, Leliana's greatest energy lies in her trust, also to have Justinia die hits at her very core. I beg you, if she's faltering, help this lady find her in the past into the light.

I've in addition included a note of an individual nature for Lady Morrigan and Kieran.

Kindly look after my loved ones. Morrigan is more powerful and better than others We have fulfilled, and I also wouldn't normally go through these types of energy to escape my own Calling to lose them to your Inquisition.

Note: In the event that operation is obtained from Leliana before Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, the note for Morrigan and Kieran will never be included in the Hero's page.

If the Warden romanced Zevran:

Element of myself wants that i possibly could help your Inquisition much more yourself as the threat of Corypheus while the Breach gets near the threat of also another Blight. Irrespective, Zevran and I also have our very own battles to battle, and I also is only able to provide my confidence that you have actually things well at your fingertips.

If both Warden and also the Inquisitor are Dalish:

To summarize, I wish you fortune. This realm of the shemlen is a hard one for our sort, and I is only able to imagine the pressure of leading the Inquisition, an organization specialized in the Chantry, while staying real towards Way of the 3 woods. Might Mythal shield you inside quest, and Andruil bless your look.

If the Warden additionally the Inquisitor are dwarves:

To summarize, If only you fortune. We originated in Orzammar, and never the Carta families, but i understand really just how quickly the humans overlook our type. Fight well, remember the rock, and you will do our men and women proud.

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