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“Least a bastard understands whom his mama was. Leaves him one-up on you Qunari, right?”


Cremisius Aclassi

Cremisius Aclassi, also referred to as Krem, is a member regarding the Bull's Chargers mercenary company. He serves as the Iron Bull's lieutenant.


Krem was created to a Tevinter tailor. Though raised as a lady, Krem noticed he had been not the same as the girls which he knew, and would often imagine to shave together with his parent. After reaching adulthood, Krem's mama started initially to stress him to get married the boy of a wealthy business to truly save the family from slavery. Krem declined, and his relationship together with mama had been damaged.

Sometime later, a Tevinter magister, in an attempt to conserve poor people from cold, had his slaves make clothing and offer all of them for pretty much absolutely nothing. Even though the magister most likely saved many individuals from freezing, Krem's father had been put-out of company and was forced to offer himself into slavery to save their family members.

After his dad's sacrifice, Krem joined up with the army, but since ladies' functions when you look at the Tevinter military are heavily limited, Krem concealed their transgender condition by bribing the healer which performed army physicals. Their charade went on for quite some time, nevertheless when the healer was known as away working, this new healer found Krem's secret and reported him toward authorities. Faced with the risk of slavery or execution (being transgender actually a crime in Tevinter, but falsifying military papers is), Krem went, but was caught in a border city's tavern by a Tevinter tribune and his males. Once the tribune along with his guys attacked Krem for deserting (to "make a good example" off him), the Iron Bull stumbled on Krem's security, dropping his attention when he emerged among Krem and a Tevinter's flail.

Later, the Iron Bull healed Krem's injuries and asked if he wanted employment.


“Whatever we had been prior to, we have been now the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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Following Inquisitor's encounter with Lord Seeker Lucius and Revered Mother Hevara in Val Royeaux, Krem seems outside the Haven Chantry, recommending the Herald appraise the Bull's Chargers from the Storm Coast. If the Herald/Inquisitor recruit Iron Bull and the Chargers, Krem can be bought near Bull away from town gates.

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