Latest Dragon Age Inquisition Update

In Patch 10 for Dragon Age: Inquisition, our focus is on presenting fan-requested functions, some base ability changes, and numerous bug fixes.

We’re happy to introduce the gamer clothes. Now you can select from a selection of different outfits for your Inquisitor thanks to a wardrobe in Skyhold.

The winners of this Untold Relics of Thedas competition have now been chosen, and their particular creations put in the game. The relics’ areas tend to be a mystery for the Inquisitior to discover.

Because of prominent Thedosian scholars and Shapers, we’ve applied a number of gameplay modifications, made to personalize, enhance, and balance the player knowledge.

We’ve additionally added the ability for players to consolidate account certain collectibles across games with a newly added Golden Nug statue positioned in Skyhold and Haven. With it, you have access to your herb seeds, crafting schematics, supports, Skyhold accessories, and potion dishes across your online saves of the identical platform. Only touch the statue with your post-game character to have access to this particular feature. The Golden Nug becomes readily available if a person or maybe more of the figures on your account have actually completed the video game one or more times.


Fixed a problem that caused some animals to need a higher wide range of items to finish their associated research.

Fixed a problem in which “All brand new, Faded on her behalf” could go away completely from the log.
Fixed a problem in which dying in combat without the full celebration would not change the camera focus to a follower.

Fixed a problem in which some figures in Skyhold did not have a shown name.

Fixed a problem in which some requisitions tracked wrong ingredients.

Fixed a problem where some schematics were utilizing wrong icons.

Fixed an issue that caused mosaic tiles to be offset from the wall in Skyhold.

Fixed a concern that caused the merchant in The lineage to buy things through the player at a higher cost than intended.

Fixed an issue might trigger brontos never to drop creature research things.

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