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Trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition

I'm possibly the one, but I am getting a serious Suikoden vibe from Dragon Age: Inquisition, which has currently furnished united states with one E3 truck , a job interview using its innovative director, the news headlines that it will have 40 "major" endings plus. Everything we can we perhaps study on this latest video clip? Well, we are able to find out a titbit or two about Inquisition's numerous friends, which include a Grey Warden (no, not that Grey Warden), a dour-faced elf, and a map that magically attracts it self. See the lot after the break.

The aforementioned truck is targeted on Blackguard (the curiously known as Grey Warden warrior), Sera (a moody Elf archer), Iron Bull (a Qunari mercenary and non-literal bull), and Vivienne, a mage with a pointy helmet and shiny face, who the movie tips could have a concealed agenda. We do, however, get a glimpse of (presumably) the entire darn Inquisition at the start and end regarding the video - and son do they appear like a cheery great deal.

This is just what reminds myself of Suikoden, Konami's classic political JRPG, that was exactly about recruiting your very own exclusive army. This side of Inquisition appeals to me personally plenty, although i am hoping those figures up you will find all a dab hand in fight, it would be pretty nice to recruit chefs and merchants and stuff like that towards cause as well.

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