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Dragon Age character creation Guide

course choice window - personality classes - Character creation - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & WalkthroughAfter you pick your battle, you will have to pick the class of the personality. The basic unit into courses can be follows: a Rogue, a Warrior or a Mage. All these courses can also have yet another specialization:

  • Rogues can specialize as Archers or Dual-Wielders - they use range attacks with all the bow (and just Varric has actually his own crossbow), or from shadows, equipped with medium armors.
  • Warriors can use Weapon & Shield or a Two-Handed weapon - here, you have a wider choice: swords, axes and hammers (especially the very last team is noteworthy, since you can deal AoE harm together), also, they are able to put on the heaviest available armors.
  • When it comes to mages, one consistent equipment is present: light armors (note: the qunari usually do not wear the classic headgear - they use unique war shows which, even though they supply some defense, they flunk of regular helmets) and staffs.

Specialization choice does not oblige you too much, the points for given expertise are distributed, when you advance to another location experience amount therefore, if you are not happy with making use of with a formerly plumped for types of weapon, you can transform that. Apart from the two combat-oriented groups that determine which tool you utilize better, each course has a team of particular abilities, e.g. the Rogue can discover ways to come to be invisible and complete surprise assaults. The warrior can encourage his friends to battle and provide them with additional buffs. Things tend to be a bit different with mages, : here, you'll distribute your things to four various spell kinds. In addition, there are expert specializations, for which you pick one out of the three readily available ones, later on into the game. They are selected for your character only together with default expertise activates for your companions.

Note - Remember that discover one exemption to those guidelines: dwarves cannot become Mages.

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Dragon Age character Guide
Dragon Age character Guide

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