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If you allow them to get, you won't get the reward. Only when you stop them with violence do you want to find some additional experience and an opportunity for a few extra loot from corpses and pickpocketing. When making use of Intimidate or Persuade to end all of them you continue to get the normal reward (2) through the Mage Collective.


As the mage is a creation one, try using him very first, after that concentrate on the Adventurer leader, stun/disable the Adventuring Warrior, destroy the rogue and then finally eliminate the Weapon & Shield warrior.

  • ~175 XP for killing Adventurer Group.
  • 2 and 175 XP from Mage's Collective.
Seal of Rat RedRing
Whenever Orlais invaded Ferelden, a folk hero arose to torment occupying causes. Impossible to destroy, he had been really a series of individuals who passed on the seal and the secret when each could no longer battle.

+10 psychological resistance
+10 physical opposition

(looted from corpse of Adventurer Leader) Chevalier's GlovesMassive gloves
Changes (Level 1-9)
Needs: 22 strength

Armor: 1.25
Fatigue: 3.00%

(Rare loot from Adventuring Warrior) Robes of GiftedClothing

+6% spell opposition
Reduces hostility

(Rare loot from Adventuring Mage)

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