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Taking care of your teammates is important! Without them you had have a harder time in battles, haven't any anyone to communicate with, andeven even worse, you would not be able to exploit all of them for embarrassing relationship sequences. This useful guide tips you toward every armor upgrade and present, both of which enhance your companions' relationship closer. Like in real life!

Armor improvements and gift suggestions are organzied by personality for your convienience.

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Bethany %26amp; Carver

Armor Upgrades

Heirloom Amell Defensive Sigils
Fereldan Gilded Plating

Each of Bethany and Carver’s only piece of armor upgrade is present through the “Birthright” objective near the beginning of Act 1.The items are located in an upper body inside final area.


Portrait of your Mommy
Tobrius’s Document

Whenever you are performing the “Birthright” objective, be sure to look-in the chest into the store room to get the items depending on which character you're having fun with.


Inscribed Leather Harness

You are able to nab this very first armor improvement by going to the Apparel store in Lowtown during Act 1

Silverite-Reinforced Buckles

Found in an upper body during “Family issues” quest where you visit Bartrand’s estate during Act 2.

Coat Lining With Hidden Pockets

This is bought at the Shady goods store within the Docks District during Act 2.

Drakeskin Leg Straps

That one some trickier to obtain as you need to own brought in a save online game that included DA: Awakenings. In addition need to have recruited Nathaniel and had him not perish throughout the siege on Vigil’s Keep.If you performedn’t transfer a save, then you had a need to choose the “Martyr” record whenever you developed your DA 2 game. If you satisfy these problems, after that Varric’s final piece of armor are found by doing the “Finding Nathaniel” mission in Act 3.

Signet Ring

This 1 and only gift for Varric can be located on Trinkets Emporium store during Act 2, in Lowtown.


Lambswool Insoles

The woman very first piece is not until Act 2. it may be discovered during the “To Catch a Thief” mission in a chest when exploring the Lost-End Foundry.

Rigid Boning

Hehehe Rigid Boning. Ahem.Anyways, this piece can be found in the Hightown Apparel Shop in Act 2.

Supportive Corselet

This piece could be present Hightown at the Robes by Jean Luc store in Act 2.

Boiled Leather Dishes

During Act 3, this final piece are acquired only during the “Murder of Crows” objective, but you'll just fully grasp this goal if your imported game file continues to have Zevran nonetheless alive. Look for the armor piece inside a pile of bones while travelling through the Mountain Cave and after fighting a swarm of spiders.

Ship in A Bottle

During “Blackpowder Courtesy, ” there are this present in an upper body nearby the North exit in Smuggler’s Cut.

Rivaini Talisman

Head to the Disused Passage during the Docks during Act 3 and you will find this final gift for Isabela.

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