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Dragon Age 2 force Mage build


125per cent physical power
125percent elemental force


Force mages tend to be a fearsome picture in the battleground, bending the laws and regulations of nature to break, toss, and debilitate their particular foes. Kirkwall's Circle houses a higher-than-usual portion of mages just who master this specialization, and their combined research has refined the institution considerably.

Energy Mage is one of the specializations open to the mage class in . The force mage specializes in capabilities like telekinesis and employing their minds as a weapon.


All mage specializations manipulate energy, but energy Mages enjoy it. an expertise well-known in Kirkwall, they concentrate only regarding raw application of magic, in every its vicious glory—maelstroms that draw opponents, ethereal fat that crush and slow, or great waves that throw opponents about like ragdolls. Objectives never to be toyed with are merely slammed in to the surface, as though pummeled by a good fist. As well as in their particular mastery of these harm, energy Mages can make on their own all but protected to similar assaults, an ability that tips at the real discipline they must keep. After all, unsubtle does not mean unsophisticated—the energy Mage specialization requires unusual precision to help keep these types of daunting energy in order.

Spell tree

Mage force-mage
Size: 6m
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 15s
Needs: Level 7
The mage slams opponents into the ground with amazing energy, against which armor isn't any protection.

real harm: 2.7x

Enemy armor momentarily 0%
20% stun opportunity vs typical opponents

Requires: Degree 13
Requires: 4 points in effect Mage
Fist associated with the Maker today pummels opponents across a more substantial area. Opponents which have been thrown off-balance by a warrior tend to be specially vulnerable.

Size: +4m
600per cent physical damage vs STAGGERED goals

Requires: Level 11
Needs: 3 things in Force Mage
Fist for the Maker can now be applied more often.

-5s cooldown

Needs: Degree 12
Telekinetic Burst today creates a far more effective wave of force.

+10x real power

Requires: Level 13
Needs: 4 things in effect Mage
Pull associated with Abyss today appeals to enemies over a larger location.

Size: +5m

Range: 18m
Requires: Level 14
Requires: 4 things in effect Mage
Gravitic Ring now impacts a larger area.

Size: +6m

  • Bethany gets this expertise after The Deep roadways Expedition.
  • Power Mage skills appear to be struggling to move non-humanoid enemies, i.e., opponents with over two feet. However, the small quantity of damage dealt by Fist associated with the Maker while the activity and attack speed results of Pull associated with the Abyss and Gravitic Sphere are nevertheless present.

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