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Dragon Age 2 Blood Mage

Blood Magic: The Forbidden Class

See additionally: Bloodstream miracle, Bloodstream Mage

Codex text

Foul and corrupt are you
That have taken My gift
And turned it against My children.
—Transfigurations 18:10.

The old Tevinters did not originally start thinking about blood magic a college of their own. Instead, they saw it as a way to achieve higher power in any college of miracle. Title, of course, refers to the fact that secret with this type uses life, particularly in the shape of blood, rather than mana. It had been common rehearse, at one time, for a magister to keep numerous slaves readily available making sure that, should he undertake the doing work of a spell that was physically beyond their capabilities, he might use the bloodstream of their slaves to fortify the casting.

Eventually, but the Imperium found types of means might only be worked by blood. Although lyrium enables a mage to send his mindful head in to the Fade, blood will allow him to obtain the resting minds of others, look at their fantasies, and even affect or dominate their particular ideas. Just like treacherous, bloodstream magic permits the Veil is exposed totally to ensure that demons may actually pass through it into our society.

In Dragon Age Origins:

The increase of this Chant of Light as well as the subsequent fall associated with old Imperium has led to bloodstream magic being all but stamped out—as it should be, for this presents almost because great a risk to people who would practice it regarding the world in particular.

—From The Four Schools: A Treatise,

In Dragon Age II:

Believe for a while to have already been stamped out in the Imperium, the training of blood magic is apparently rising in recent years. The current Black Divine features raised most of the prohibitions against dreamwalking, therefore numerous mages into the Imperium now utilize it openly in the name of analysis.

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