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Most Useful Offered Cool

Best Served Cold is an Act 3 main quest in .


Most useful supported cool is obtained via a letter from very first Enchanter Orsino after choosing the three mages for Knight-Commander Meredith. If you sided using Templars at the start of Act 3, this quest will instead be gotten from Knight-Commander Meredith.

Templar Hall

Go right to the Gallows and then to the Templar Hall. Keep in touch with Orsino or Meredith (whoever delivered the letter.

When accepting the pursuit from Orsino, seeking the Diplomatic choices causes:

Anders: friendship (+10) Aveline: relationship (+5)

The aggressive choices causes:

Anders: rivalry (+10) Aveline: rivalry (+5)


Here, a struggle will instantly begin once you enter the location next to in which you have to be. You will have to beat several Templars and 5-6 Mages to beat all of them. A short while later loot the figures to locate a note that will teach you to definitely head to the Docks (and an armor improvement for Sebastian).


Go to the Docks and follow the arrow to your location. You'll encounter one or several sets of Slave Hunters, otherwise head into the Warehouse.

Key Meeting-place

Might encounter another cut-scene before you decide to have to fight another set of Templars and Mages. There's two standard traps (requiring 20 cunning to disarm) however room, one in the east part and something from the western side.

There clearly was an armor improvement for Anders inside Warehouse and something special for Fenris.

Keran might right here if he lived and is with the Templars; he can inform you that someone close to you has-been kidnapped by the rebels and they happen taken fully to a hideout regarding the Wounded Coast. You now have the chosen:

Aveline: rivalry (+10) Sebastian: friendship (+10)
  • Turning him into the Knight-Commander:
Merrill: rivalry (+10) Varric: rivalry (+5) Aveline: friendship (+10)
  • Killing him; if you have Merrill in your celebration while decide to eliminate him, she will disapprove, stating that he could be maybe not accountable:
Merrill: rivalry (+5)

Hightown conferenceIf Sebastian is in your celebration, he protests that Keran just got in over his mind, a thing that does not merit demise. Choosing to kill him causes:

Sebastian: rivalry (+10).

Note: whether it's your love interest that is supposed to be taken, Keran will describe them- but you'll remain capable select them and go to the Wounded Coast.

If you trust his views on Meredith, he then will automatically be allowed to keep.

Loot the region, there was a complex (30 cunning, 150xp) upper body off to the right regarding the entry as well as the Blade of Mercy.

The Wounded Coast

Check out the Wounded Coast. Use the low path and mind south towards the Ruins. Combat a small group of Templars and Mages on the way. A cut-scene will happen where Samson will approach you.

  • State the you need to help the Mages.
Fenris: rivalry (+10) Merrill: relationship (+10) Sebastian: rivalry (+5) Varric: friendship (+10)
  • Declare that the mages needs to be ended:
Anders: rivalry (+10) Fenris: relationship (+10) Merrill: rivalry (+15) Sebastian: relationship (+5)

After the scene continue along the course until such time you achieve the primary group of Templars/Mages. They truly are being led by the templar Thrask, who will implore you to definitely side together with them against Meredith. Behind him, whoever ended up being taken hostage may be lying on the floor, unconscious. Seeking the aggressive option whenever speaking to Thrask nets:

Sebastian: rivalry (+5)

And/or diplomatic reaction provides following, if you speak to get the mages:

Merril: friendship (+10) Fenris: rivalry (+10) Sebastian: rivalry (+5) Anders: relationship (+10)

Whether you sent her into Circle, or allow her to go throughout the quest Act of Mercy, among Thrask's companions is the apostate mage Grace; she'll call for the hostage becoming killed and switch on Hawke, killing Thrask in the process. Remember that choosing the intense option whenever speaking to Grace nets:

Sebastian: rivalry (+5)

Or even the diplomatic response offers:

Sebastian: relationship (+5)

In this fight, Grace by herself is very easily disassembled, but becomes a Pride Abomination upon death. After the struggle, Samson will return with Cullen. Much like Keran earlier inside quest, you'll have the opportunity to decide the fate of Alain and Samson.

Following the battle communicate with Cullen to determine the fate associated with surrendering mages and rogue templars. Knight-Captain Cullen will allow Samson to be a Templar once again if Hawke needs which he give him another possibility. Hawke can also ask Cullen to be merciful to Alain additionally the other mages who're arrested.

Note: Mage Hunter and Arcane Defender Achievement: it's your last opportunity to side with either the Templars or Mages. Throughout your discussion with Cullen: (part with Templar) state "Alain had been dealing with Grace." and select "Give Samson another possibility." Or Say "eliminate all of them all". (Side with mage) Say merciful to Alain yet others. The success won't pop-up and soon you report back to either Meredith/Orsino to get rid of the pursuit (giving you have sided with similar faction 4 times previously).

Whenever you speak in security regarding the mages with Cullen:

Aveline: friendship (+10) Sebastian: relationship (+5)

In the event that you tell Cullen Alain was working with Grace and also to eliminate Alain:

Aveline: rivalry (+10)

Note: Cullen could make reference to his experience in Ferelden's Circle Tower.

In the event that you tell Cullen to eliminate all mages, he'll eliminate Samson aswell regarding the reasons when he knew much concerning the conspiracy he needs to be part of it. This choice will net your

Varric: rivalry (+10)


Come back to Orsino/Meredith to accomplish the quest.

If you tell Meredith that she's paranoid:

Aveline: friendship (+5)

Or if you tell this lady that Orsino is blameless and name brands:

Anders: rivalry (+5) Aveline: rivalry (+5)

Note: If you got this quest from Meredith, you can easily investigate at this time to master some instead interesting things about the girl.

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