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Joining the Grey Wardens

Joining the Grey Wardens is a main quest together with very first quest regarding the post-origins story and will be distributed by Duncan on arrival in Ostagar. After arriving in Ostagar, Duncan informs you that, in order to become a Grey Warden, it is necessary to go through a Joining ritual. As a primary step, he wishes you to discover Alistair, another gray Warden, somewhere in Ostagar and come back to Duncan at their fire close to the gate leading to the Korcari Wilds. You have the possibility to explore the king's camp during this period.

Explore Ostagar

There are certain things you can do in Ostagar.

  • This quest can be done either before or after joining up with Alistair, however, if you do it after then you have actually a chance to impact Alistair's endorsement (see part pursuit article for details).
  • If you are perhaps not a person noble, keep in touch with the Kennel Master to begin this side quest.
  • Codex: there are certain codex entries to get, including:
  • It is possible to meet up with the other gray Warden recruits here: Daveth and Jory. You'll receive XP if you keep in touch with BOTH of them. Daveth happens to be spying and understands a bit towards mission forward. Jory isn't happy about needing to leave his partner back.
  • There are a number of secured chests through the entire camp that may be picked if you're a rogue (or if you have Daveth unlock all of them before completing the Tainted bloodstream pursuit). Keep in mind that they have been usually higher difficulty than those inside Origin story, so you could require deft hands to pick all of them.
  • After very first witnessing him talking to the Ash Warrior commander, you are able to locate Pick the Elven Messenger and, if you should be persuasive adequate, convince him to offer Ser Garlen's Sword. Pick moves around, but will very first head to Loghain's tent (You could intimidate him into providing you the blade unless you worry about him convinced that you are cruel).
  • Trade aided by the Quartermaster to clear your inventory and get very first Backpack (you're able to obtain two low cost backpacks, one in daylight, and one after the Tainted bloodstream quest, as Quartermaster's stock resets after the pursuit). Even though Quartermaster's mention of finding an elf seems like the set up for a sidequest, no objective is actually given.

Find Alistair

  • Discover Alistair when you look at the northeast location, arguing with a mage.
  • After he's got accompanied your celebration, you'll ask Alistair about numerous topics, such as the Grey Wardens, the Blight, the impending struggle and Duncan. While discussing Duncan, Alistair will ask your viewpoint of him. You will get +2 endorsement in the event that you respond back, "He appears a form man, if company." and +1 endorsement if you reply, "we owe him, too. He spared me."
  • In this area discover a white upper body. It cannot be looted before you've spoken at first with Alistair. Following the conversation, seek out the chest towards the north of in which you had been standing. It's going to be locked plus in need of a rogue. (This should also be done in time, before completing Tainted bloodstream, since it won't be here through the night.)

Come back to Duncan

  • After Alistair has actually accompanied both you and you have done enough checking out in Ostagar, head south into the fire to meet up with Duncan.
  • If you have unsuccessfully stolen from somebody in Ostagar, when you approach Duncan, a Soldier is talking to him saying you have been stealing. Duncan vouches for you, and the Soldier leaves.
  • When you yourself haven't however fulfilled Daveth or Jory, Alistair will now present them.
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