Lower Ruins

Dragon Age Origins Lower Ruins



Get a hold of a cup phylactery at the specified places


Destroy all six Corpse Walkers

The Black Vials are six small glass phylacteries that can be found around Ferelden. The area around all of them is unnaturally cold. Dark shapes swirl around a slip of report within each vial. Once the Warden takes a vial, the glass cracks and releases a hostile revenant. Upon their demise, each revenant falls a scrap of vellum that changes the Codex entry: The Black Vials.


The vials may be consumed any order.


  • Cale Viazagat, The First Corpse Walker:
  • Nethamas Bigal, The Next Corpse Walker:
  • Argruth Massaad, The Third Corpse Walker:
  • Precise location of the third Corpse Walker: increase thumbnail to see yellowish dot marking place.

  • Quametha Kagat, The 4th Corpse Walker:
  • Glass phylactery in the far bottom room on the right-side of Lower Ruins in Brecilian Forest. The glass phylactery is directly in-front upon entry. It resembles a pile of filth with two vases sticking out of it.
  • Shamas Goodson, The Fifth Corpse Walker:
  • Anton Wither, The Sixth Corpse Walker:
  • Glass phylactery in another of the trunk Alley arbitrary encounters in Denerim. Inside encounter you begin on a rock system up a couple of tips while the cup phylactery is on system to you.Creature-Revenant3 it will be the same encounter during which bandits pitfall one of your party users by falling a portcullis that must definitely be raised making use of a lever. (This vial is only able to be located with this one and only random encounter, so be sure to select it!)
  • A Corpse Walker: revenant and perversion.

    XP and loot fallen by revenants:

    Dead Coat of ArmsTarge
    Silverite (Level 6)
    Requires: 30 strength

    Weakness: 3.13per cent
    Energy modifier: 1.00
    +1 constitution
    +1/+2 stamina regeneration in combat

    Emerald RingRing
    The gemstone in this ring is really ostentatiously large, it can oftimes be seen from one half a league away.

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