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Hidden inside the vast realm of Dragon Age Inquisition are a few nods and references to Bioware's various other big game, Mass Effect. And also you know very well what this means, right? It Really Is Bonkers Theory That Connects Both Games Time™.

Very first, let us glance at the easter eggs. Eagle-eyed Redditor grimxxmastr of a Krogan's mind, which you are able to get in an Orlesian Mansion in Inquisition. Krogan, you may already know, are a race in Mass impact:

Hunting Krogan seems like a dangerous distinct work, but then once again, what'sn't in Dragon Age?

That's not really the only mention of the Mass result within Inquisition. we have additionally got a Codex entry by a healer that appears to be printed in the design of Mordin Solus, the scientist which talks in blasts of short sentences. You may want to visit "expand" right here to learn the text:

I would say you can find parallels between a scientist and a healer, but that's just myself.

This isn't the 1st time we have seen easter eggs similar to this in BioWare games. A DLC in Mass Effect 2, including, features a statue of an ogre from Dragon Age. Mass result 1, if I recall precisely, has at least one character referencing "the manufacturer, "—which is really what people in Dragon Age call their version of god. Let us keep in mind that miracle and biotics have a hell of a whole lot in common. We've also seen Dragon Age armor in Mass impact. And when nothing else, we've additionally seen that some opponents in Mass impact and Dragon Age have actually a lot of similarities—the ogre in Dragon Age has actually an equivalent in Mass result (i am blanking in the name), as well as the colors in Dragon Age II looked a hell of nearly the same as geth.

Indeed, this will be all probably only Bioware being cheeky with regards to easter eggs. Various other items of "evidence" that i simply listed are just items that reveal two different games had been made by exactly the same business. Absolutely nothing mind blowing! And yet the things I was absurdly suggesting here is some thing you have heard before: the games could be regarded as being linked, they may be thought to take place in identical universe. Bioware hasn't precisely rejected or verified this prior to, though they have joked about any of it with us. But, we don't have to have formal confirmation to simply have some fun with all the lore. Why-not?

Issue is whether or not Dragon Age will be occur the near future or perhaps in yesteryear. I'm partial on proven fact that it really is emerge the long run, after Mass result. Undoubtedly it is because that would be the more bonkers scenario, to really have the dream online game be occur the near future plus the sci-fi online game occur the past. Since you may have observed, i am an admirer of the types of crazy ideas. But, you could totally safeguard that idea! Redditor Necroluster notes it's entirely possible that among the endings in Mass Effect 3 features EDI and Joker crash on a planet...which may potentially be Thedas, the world of Dragon Age. That would be cool, would not it? Hint: yes.

We are going to keep you updated on just about any neat easter eggs we get in Dragon Age Inquisition, such as the sorts that don't further silly fan theories. Write to us if you learn any!

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