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Decisions Causing Much More Coin

  • Offer unneeded potions. The less you've got within inventory, the more likely they truly are to drop.

Crafting Runes of Fortune

Take the after actions straight away upon starting Act 1 to maximize the silver you can get from each corpse or chest through Runes of lot of money. Note: it is advised that you don't loot any corpses or open any chests in Act 1 until these steps are completed (except the ones that are within the Amell Family Cellar during Birthright as well as in the Bone Pit Mines during Bone Pit (quest) since they won't be readily available later). Gold drops tend to be determined upon looting, therefore going back to look later can lead to even more silver obtained.

Upon completion, you will have the two Lyrium and 2 Silverite required to craft a Rune of Fortune.

Coin Percentage Bonus

The bonus written by utilizing a Rune of Fortune depends on the bit of armor it really is equipped in. Underneath the bonus to coin drops predicated on gear type is listed. Using Runes of Fortune in Companion Armor causes the greatest yields.

Item Coin dropped (per rune)
Gloves +1.2%
Shoes +1.8per cent
Helmet +2percent
Shield +3.75percent
Chestpiece +5percent
Partner Armor +10%
Rings & Belts +1.5per cent

The end result is cumulative but companions from the active party grant no effects.

For corpses, provided that they're left on the floor, equipping or getting rid of something with Rune of Fortune changes the amount of gold they give. (you'll verify this by preserving the game and testing different says.) However, after they tend to be examined, the quantity of silver in it becomes fixed. Same pertains to containers like chests however their base gold yield is definitely fixed.

Act 1

  • Varric: 1 Armor Rune Slot (+10per cent money fall)
  • Aveline: 3 Shield Rune slot machines (+11.25per cent money fall)
  • All others: Nothing

Act 2

  • Aveline: 1 Armor Rune Slot + 3 Shield Rune slot machines (+21.25percent coin fall)
  • Fenris, Varric: 2 Armor Rune Slots (+20% money drop)
  • Isabela, Merril, Sebastian: 1 Armor Rune Slot (+10per cent money fall)
  • Anders: Nothing

Act 3

  • Fenris, Varric: 3 Armor Rune Slots (+30per cent coin drop)
  • Isabela, Merril, Sebastian: 2 Armor Rune Slots (+20percent coin drop)
  • Anders: 1 Armor Rune Slot (+10percent coin fall)

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