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There are numerous feasible techniques to solve the Landsmeet and a variety of outcomes for the four primary figures: Loghain, Anora, Alistair, and Warden. You can easily get a grip on the resolution by decisions created before the vote and dialogue alternatives you create after defeating Loghain when you look at the one-on-one duel. However, some choices is going to be unavailable for many Wardens predicated on their beginning.

Get yourself ready for the Landsmeet

Three optional actions ahead of the vote will influence your options following the duel:

Vital decision points

After beating Loghain, you must decide whether or not to take his surrender or kill him. If anyone except Alistair fights Loghain in the duel, Riordan will appear by the end and provide a 3rd option, to induct the previous regent into the Grey Wardens. This is the important branching point for the remaining dialogue. Normally, Anora and Alistair both have strong views on the topic.

  • Department A: “Riordan has a place, we should put him through the joining.”
  • Department B: “No. Loghain has to perish for his crimes.”

If Alistair duels Loghain due to the fact Warden's winner, he can execute him before Riordan has actually a chance to intervene. Anora entirely refuses to marry her dad's killer.

Branch A: Induct Loghain

If you induct Loghain to the Grey Wardens, the party will completely drop Alistair. He will both renounce their royal claim and fade away, start immediate arrangements to rule jointly with Anora if a political marriage ended up being arranged at Eamon's Estate, or be executed at Anora's order.

If Alistair is executed, their gear can look in an upper body in Arl of Denerim's estate.

Department B: Eliminate Loghain

With Loghain's death, perhaps some justice is supported the lack of Cailan and Duncan. However, if you like Anora and Alistair to rule collectively, you need to perform Loghain your self; if a male Cousland Warden is angling for king-consort he must have Alistair execute him.

Feasible outcomes

This might be a listing of all results associated with Landsmeet, covering royal succession and Loghain's life. In order to avoid ambiguity, it provides permutations which are not possible whatever choices are formulated.

Effects for male human nobles

If a male human being noble spent some time working down a marriage arrangement with Anora at Eamon's Estate, after which in the Landsmeet proclaims which he will rule at Anora's part as her spouse without directly killing the woman dad in advance, Anora will instantly step of progress to just accept the throne and declare the hero becoming the woman husband, the King Consort, the typical of the woman armies therefore the Hero who'll conserve Ferelden from the Blight. She will after that purchase the nobles during the Landsmeet to collect their causes and await the King Consort's command. The completed journal entry will also reference him as master consort. Nonetheless, she will tell him that he is only to be prince consort if the topic show up in a later discussion with her during the woman coronation, and the epilogue slideshow may also relate to him as prince consort also. The overall game is hence quite inconsistent inside regard. They are the possible outcomes for Loghain and Alistair:

Results for feminine individual nobles

Romantically involved female peoples nobles can organize to marry Alistair outright; outside of a commitment, they could decide to enter into a political relationship. Either alternative needs large approval from Alistair and bring about him becoming king.

Outcomes for each and every feminine

Any feminine in a romantic commitment can stay at King Alistair's side as a lover, whether Anora becomes queen.

  • If Alistair is not hardened, he then will separation the connection as his feeling of responsibility and propriety overrules his love.
  • If Alistair happens to be hardened, he can determine that having a mistress will likely not interfere with their rule. (a typical example of simple tips to stay his mistress can be seen here.)

Effects for non-human guys and human being magi

  • Anora will usually live. Aside from the options, Alistair will always choose to imprison the lady.
  • It is possible to drop the "I will rule alongside him/her" alternative as follows: the Warden arranges to get married Alistair (females) or Anora (males), but then arranges for the two royals to get married one another during Branch A. quite simply, you simply can't match Anora with Alistair and keep carefully the option for the Warden to marry.
  • If a hardened Alistair executes Loghain as the marriage between him and Anora has not been arranged, he'll assume the throne without concern and end further discussion on the topic.
  • A lady noble Warden cannot come to be queen and rule alone. If Alistair is made king, the Warden made queen, Anora will refuse to renounce her claims to your throne, so Alistair purchases her becoming locked-up and only if Alistair dies from the Blight, will she be Queen. True to their term, if Alistair is sacrificed toward Archdemon, it will nevertheless be Anora who is crowned at the end of the overall game.
  • Also, Loghain will usually perish if feminine person noble Warden becomes Alistair's queen. Loghain will always be performed if Alistair guidelines, without Anora providing as queen to intercede on their account.

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