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Dragon Age werewolves

Codex text

"And Dane he stood their floor,
The fanged beast approached.
He saw the trend within its eyes,
The wolf that once had been truth be told there.
The sword he raised,
Merciful demise be praised,
Into maker moved their prayer."

-From the most popular telling of Dane plus the Werewolf, a legend of Ferelden circa 4:50 Black.

Fereldan lore is filled with instances in which these animals have actually plagued the country: wolves possessed by trend demons and transformed into humanoid beasts with incredible speed and power, in a position to distribute a curse to those they bit that will drive all of them mad with unthinking fury. Whenever within enraged condition, a human number can also become possessed and be changed into a feral, wolf-like creature. Stories differ on these werewolves of man origin, some claiming that their particular change into a bestial kind takes place uncontrollably. Some claim the change is irreversible. As is the case with demonic stories, both variations had been likely true sooner or later.

The ability of typical dogs to detect a werewolf even though its in a human guise is exactly what very first led Fereldans to adopt dogs as indispensable friends in every farmhold. The alliance between humans and regular wolves is the topic associated with popular Fereldan people tale "Dane and the Werewolf."

The particular hero Dane led a crusade to eliminate the werewolf danger through the early Black Age, although werewolves have not believed exactly the same importance since, there have actually still been reports of individual packages hiding in remote woodlands. Lately, some have also already been reported to have created an uncanny determination and intelligence... though why this can be so remains unidentified.

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