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In the event that templars had been supported, Cole first seems at Therinfal Redoubt to help the Inquisitor escape a demon of Envy. It is here that he helps the Inquisitor fight against the Envy demon, both out of the nightmare the demon has placed them in, and upon returning to the real world.

Upon the Inquisition coming back to Haven, Cole will unexpectedly show up on the table within the War place, stating he adopted the Inquisitor right back, and that he would like to help the Inquisition. You're able to select to not hire him at this time, nonetheless if you choose to improve your brain later on, the option will likely to be made once more when you are getting to Skyhold.

Alternatively, if the Inquisitor chose to recruit the mages to seal the Breach, Cole turns up at Haven to warn the Inquisition about the attack of the Red Templars. You will decide whether to recruit him at Skyhold.

In Haven he's positioned near the business nearby the primary gate into Haven. When you initially arrive at Skyhold he'll be down inside bottom courtyard. Additionally, it is here in which a small cut scene will need place, in which Cole is sensing the pain of a dying soldier. The Inquisitor gets the solution to allow Cole to give the person serenity by death, or even tell Cole to let the person try to recover. If mages had been recruited, exactly the same slice scene will need destination at Skyhold.

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At the Inqusition headquarters at Skyhold, Cole moves on upstairs when you look at the tavern. He begins performing strange things round the stronghold, such as for instance burning turnips or hoarding daggers. However, if the Inquisitor listens to much more conversations and will not make sure he understands to get rid of, it's going to be uncovered that these strange things are their methods of helping individuals.

Following the Inquisition confronts the gray Wardens at Adamant Fortress, Cole begs Solas to bind him to be able to avoid him from being managed such as the demons. Solas initially refuses and the Inquisitor can check-out access an amulet that will avoid spirits from becoming managed, even through blood magic. Once the amulet is recovered, Solas locates that one thing is preventing its secret from affecting Cole. Cole senses the location of thing preventing the amulet from working. The Inquisitor, Cole, Solas, and Varric go right to the place to obtain the Templar that left the initial "Cole" to die within the cell at the White Spire. Cole goes into a rage and attacks the Templar, chasing after him away. Solas suggests Cole embrace his essence as a spirit of compassion and forgive the Templar, while Varric suggests Cole to handle his offender head on and be prepared for what happened.

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In the event that Inquisitor decides to own Cole forgive the Templar, Solas and Cole confront the Templar and Solas advises Cole to feel the Templar's regret for his actions. Cole allows himself as a spirit of compassion and also the amulet works so he can never be bound or controlled by other individuals. He seems everyone's pain but he is able to approach all of them unseen and whisper soothing words for them to help ease their discomfort.

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