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Vivienne is an Orlesian mage and private enchanter and agent to Empress Celene. She's a recommended companion towards the Inquisitor in and that can be unlocked through The Imperial Enchanter pursuit.


Vivienne's moms and dads had been both merchants from Dairsmuid in Rivain, though she had been in fact born in Wycome when you look at the complimentary Marches. She had been taken up to the Ostwick Circle at a really young age, in which she became the youngest full-fledged mages in Circle history. She was transferred to their Montsimmard Circle on chronilogical age of nineteen. She had been a fantastic scholar and showed very early guarantee in the Game. In a shocking move, she elected never to join any Fraternity when she became a fully-fledged enchanter.

Within Imperial Wintersend Ball of 9:16 Dragon, mages from White Spire plus the Montsimmard Circle were invited to go to the celebrations and amuse the court. Vivienne was one of the envoys from Montsimmard. Indeed there, she caught the attention of Duke Bastien de Ghislain, just who spent all night moving just with her, slighting numerous effective nobles along the way. Bastien paid the girl a visit in Montsimmard just a few days later on, followed closely by a tiny military of florists bearing armloads of peonies. Quickly, he welcomed Vivienne to many events held at their estate, by the start of summer time she had a suite of spaces in his household from where she conducted the majority of her Circle business.

Their commitment caused an enormous scandal at the time because of Vivienne's standing as a mage. Several bards had been sent to make an illustration out-of the woman; half of all of them were gone back to their particular employers frozen solid while she persuaded the remainder to the office on her alternatively. The nobility continued to stew inside their opposition until 9:20, if the newly-crowned Empress Celene picked Vivienne as her courtroom enchanter after just one interviewing the lady. Whilst place had been considered a bit more than being a glorified court jester, Vivienne been able to switch it into an advisory position towards Empress inspite of the official ban prohibiting mages from keeping governmental power. Virtually every fraternity clamored for her benefit hoping of experiencing a representative within empress' ear.

Her reputation held growing after getting legal Enchanter, and she had been in the course of time because of the moniker Madame de Fer, the Lady of Iron, a name that indicated the woman location as both a respected and feared member of the court. She was voted First Enchanter of Montsimmard at an age youthful adequate to trigger scandal. Vivienne can also be connoisseur of fashion and ended up being dubbed "the jewel of this high judge of Orlais."

Following the sectors revolted Vivienne became the de facto leader of the Loyalists when she rallied those that used arms up against the mage rebels.

Dragon Age: The Masked Empire

Vivienne is fleetingly discussed by her epithet "Madame de Fer" by Empress Celene while she considers speaking-to her about Lady Cosinne de Montsimmard and her husband's knowledge of the Circle of Magi.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

“Whatever we had been prior to, we have been now the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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Vivienne tarot card

Vivienne is one of the Inquisitor's friends. Using globe tossed into chaos, she sees the Inquisition while the just team willing to sit against it and presents by herself by putting all of them a party in the estate of her enthusiast, Duke Bastien de Ghislain. An invitation towards party is acquired the first time the Inquistor visits Val Royeaux and speaking-to a mage there. She intervenes whenever a Marquis freely disparages the Inquisition and attempts to challenge the Inquisitor, magically immobilizing him, and simply leaves their fate to the Inquisitor. After ward, she offers to link up with all the Inquisition to help the woman fellow mages nonetheless she can. Later in the online game, however, Cole shows during celebration banter that Vivienne manipulated the Marquis into attacking the Inquisition at her celebration, which allowed her to go against him as a result to a vicious insult he'd previously dealt this lady.

Vivienne is very sour and resentful at just what she perceives since the selfish actions regarding the rebel mages. In her brain, they see only their own oppression and are not able to look at the well-being of others away from Circle of Magi, along with the justifiably increased fear of magic inside population and ranks associated with the Templar purchase; a fear that she thinks is, by their particular actions hence regarding the Kirkwall Rebellion, greater than it previously had been considering that the increase associated with the Tevinter Imperium. She feels that Circles and Templar Order must be restored to ensure the continued defense of mages, and thus aids Cassandra Pentaghast while the brand-new Divine. Despite Vivienne's inclination for Cassandra, Vivienne notes toward Inquisitor that Cassandra's not enough charisma is a significant fault in her own leadership abilities. The Inquisitor can mention that mages like Vivienne should be more energetic in Chantry politics, which Vivienne by herself could make a beneficial Divine - to which Vivienne reacts positively.

In Skyhold, if her endorsement is large, she'll provide to use the Inquisitor to Val Royeaux to fulfill together own seamstress, as she thinks the Inquisitor's picture is an essential part of the power.

If her approval is reasonable, however, Vivienne may have movers change all Inquisitor's furniture in Skyhold. She claims that she ended up being needling the Inquisitor to check their limits but she also conveys the girl disapproval at how the Inquisitor permits the mage rebel "malcontents" loose regarding population unchecked.

Vivienne Divine tarot card

During her individual pursuit, Vivienne asks the Inquisitor to bring her one's heart of a snowy wyvern. If the Inquisitor procure this product, Vivienne makes use of it generate a potion for Duke Bastien, who is enduring an incurable illness, but he dies regardless. In the event that Inquisitor provides the woman the heart of a typical wyvern, alternatively, Vivienne will however attempt the potion but will later reveal that she knew for the Inquisitor's duplicity.

Vivienne as Divine Victoria

You are able to have Vivienne elected once the new Divine, after Justinia V. If selected, she's going to be referred to as Divine Victoria. This woman is 1st mage to keep the position and when appointed, the uproar is instant. Three revolts follow in fast succession, along with her reaction is immediate and vicious. Chaos reigned for months but in the course of time subsided. Towards the shock of numerous, she reinstates the Circle of Magi and produces a Templar purchase solidly leashed to the woman hand. Mages rise quickly in the new Circle, having more freedom and responsibility then ever before - even if all true power lies with her. The woman reign is contentious as well as the Chantry could either accept the woman reign despite the woman detractors' displeasure or begin to break.


“we believe you have got questions.” — Solas
This article contains spoilers for Trespasser.

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