Dragon Age Origins toolset

Dragon Age Origins Toolset

No toolset is launched for Dragon Age 2 during writing.

Nevertheless, a few of the information within wiki may help DA2 modders, which may decide to share their understanding here, also.


Clearly, since this wiki had been initially written for DAO, by default it relates to DAO, maybe not DA2.

The exact same applies to the Toolset Forum and Projects, in which DA2 modders tend to be most welcome.

Therefore, it could help everyone if DA2 jobs, forum articles, wiki articles, sections and responses had been clearly labelled as DA2, in order to avoid confusion.

If at all possible, information which only relates to DAO should really be labelled, also, but that'sn't probably occur comprehensively, so make no assumptions!

Overview : just how DA2 differs from DAO

These records is developing. Early days!

  • But is possible in order to make simple modifications into the shipped DA2 resources (areas, creatures, conversations an such like) that ship using the game.
  • It might probably be feasible to create brand-new resources utilizing the DAO toolset, export all of them, and bundle them for DA2.
  • The state exported resource files are held in ERF containers. DA2 makes use of variation 3.0 for both primary game content and DLC, whereas DAO utilizes variation 2.0 for main online game and growth resources and variation 2.2 for DLC.
  • The DAO toolset cannot support ERF 3.0 or GFF 4.1 (see next section for alternative resources). With an offered variation 2.0 erf file, due to way of thinking, the DAO toolset can help compile programs which can be used in DA2. Comparable customized erf data could likely be designed to allow using models from DA2 in the DAO toolset to produce brand-new animal templates, though these will most likely need hand editing in a stand-alone gff editor for use in DA2. Because so many DA2 file kinds are the same as his or her DAO counterparts (with perhaps small differences), those data will more than likely are exported through the DAO toolset; or even, there are ways to tweak all of them manually.
  • One exception is the fact that the DAO conversation format (.dlg) has been changed by .cnv in DA2. However, they share the same fundamental node framework, and it also is possible to transform dlg data to cnv.

Creator Sources

A few of the standard tools are


  • gen00fl_bethany
  • gen00fl_carver
  • gen00fl_varric
  • gen00fl_anders
  • gen00fl_aveline
  • gen00fl_isabela
  • gen00fl_merrill
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