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Dragon Age Clothing mods

Improve v7:
Some small adjustments into mesh every now and then.

Update v6:
One day i'll make anything I would be satisfied sufficient with to call-it final...
Some corrections into the mesh, mostly in arms location. They ought to look better today, especially in scripted scenes.

Modify v5:
I kept reminding myself over and over repeatedly that I must patch up some splits which were present in the first mesh, but never ever performed. So far.
Paid off neck width of LOD2 meshes for better resemblance with tmp's proportional meshes.
Many people could encounter problems with clear designs on the shoulders. I have published two different repairs because of it:
Initially one (Alt designs) contains diffuse textures with alpha station tweaked therefore, that to get rid of any semi-transparent pixels.
2nd one (Alt meshes) removes a few of the protruding polys through the shoulders.
Either of the two should cope with transparency issue, but i suppose some individuals might actually get a hold of alt. meshes is looking a bit better overall, so you may like to examine them out also that you don't experience any problems with transparency.

Update v4:
Fixed some bone tissue weights that made little bit of a bonnet to stick down.
In addition made some little alterations towards the designs, that should look somewhat better now. Sadly, I becamen't been able which will make a beneficial surface when it comes to area all over neck, but i hope it mightn't be too annoying to look at.

Upgrade v3:
Now my mesh works for both enc_a (Chasind Robes, Robes associated with the Witch an such like) and enc_b (Reaper's Vestment, Archon Robes etc) design variations. Since it should. No need for clothing_variation.gda no longer. Now I suppose the one and only thing left to accomplish is always to make textures look decent, hence'd be it.

Upgrade v2:
I made the decision to relax and play around aided by the meshes a bit more and added hoods. How i attached them does not makes a whole lot of good sense, but i think they appear pretty cool however.

This mod modifications the appearance of enchanter robes by eliminating the unsightly collar from this.
I only already been messing around with 3D modeling resources for two times before generally making it though, and so the mesh is pretty rough, but i nonetheless want it much more than a default version.

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