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Varric - selection of companions - Party - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & WalkthroughThe Iron Bull - you receive a special quest to hire him during the Storm Coast. He is a masculine agent of Qunari and he is a warrior. He has a collection of warrior's unique capabilities that amplify his melee assaults. He can romance with a representative of every various other race and gender. In conversation, he prefers options predicated on hostility and forcible solutions. You winnings his favor compliment of battles you fight with him on your side.


Varric - initial companion - a dwarf rogue. He has got preference for combat with crossbow/bow. He has got his very own, special crossbow- Bianca (that just he is able to make use of). Since the representative of their competition, he's a moderate armor (large dexterity) and lots of health things. No solution to start a romance.

Cassandra - listing of companions - Party - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & WalkthroughCassandra

Cassandra - she's one of your very first friends, a human warrior. She's got increased power proportion but, practically, no additional resistances. She can romance with males of every battle. The preferred dialogue options are modest forcible solutions, self-esteem and reasonable judgment. She will keep your celebration in the event that you provide your help to this lady once the heir of Divine Justinia.


Solas - another one of this initial companions, an elf mage. Their data tend to be typical for their competition and are very well balanced. They can romance only with elf ladies. In conversations, he particularly aids your good viewpoints on extraterrestrial creatures. An essential note - he simply leaves the party forever as soon as you finish the primary storyline.


Blackwall - a human warrior, an old person in the Grey Wardens. He's got high assault statistics and has now quite a lot of wellness points. He is able to romance and, to win his benefit, you'll want to make good and honest decisions.

Solas - set of companions - Party - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & WalkthroughVivienne

Vivienne - could become your partner after the occasions at Vel Royeaux. She actually is a person mage with high magic feature. Nevertheless, the remainder of those leave a lot to desire. She cannot love.


Sera - an elven rogue. She likes ranged weapons (bows). Throughout your first visit to Vel Royeaux, following the main occasion with all the Templars, you observe an arrow caught because of the statue. Gather 3 things scattered around this place to meet the girl and enlist the lady in the team. She's high characteristic of Dexterity, ideal attack and wellness things yet reduced protection. She's got a small grouping of special capabilities, e.g. Blizzard, that require unique vials, weaker than grenades but requiring no investing. She will romance with ladies. She prefers moderately-negative choices (e.g. theft, however constantly murder), and she actually is a supporter of condemning all supernatural beings.


Dorian - a person mage. You unlock the option to recruit him within the celebration when you conquer the master of mages in Hinterlands. He's got high magic statistics and reasonable resistances. He focuses primarily on necromancy and will romance with men of any battle. In his alternatives, he prefers negative activities. Also, you win his support by eliminating enemy mages in battles.


Cole - as a matter of fact, this personality is a ghost, although he represents humans as well as the rogue class. For this class, he has got a quite high health proportion. You can find him while finishing initial main pursuit, associated with winning assistance associated with Templars, or later, through your stay in the Skyhold. No substitute for romance.

Each character has their, predetermined course and characteristics. Each party user gains experience along and, once recruited, gets the number of things that depends upon your current level - the promotion is automatic. This is why, if you are bored with playing as a character of 1 expertise just, you are able to select a brand new character with similar class and distribute the points once again.

Blackwall - List of companions - Party - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & Walkthrough Vivienne - set of friends - Party - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & Walkthrough Sera - variety of companions - Party - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & Walkthrough Dorian - List of friends - Party - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & Walkthrough

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