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Dragon Age 2 Bethany Mod

All new full revamp for the dragon age 2 personality creator!

Together with the files is a household preset editor.

Utilizing a preset after the first 10 can lead to an unsightly bethany/carver (IMO all except the defaults tend to be ugly)

And so I've included changed presets of one's family members.

No matter what preset you choose you'll have the default faces of Bethany/Carver/Mother.

Bethany but gets the choice of experiencing 4 different hairstyles that are much more in more detail in readme

Advised Data

For people seeking a 'Busty' Bethany to go with my standard bethany mod I would recommend theyellowdart2's mod:

By way of
Tummy_Za for contributing their Scar epidermis mod!


Comptabile with WyldTats

Includes Tummy_Za's 'Scar skins' mod


Added more customization options


Default Hawke has become customizable (Use the 3rd slot preset)
Added tons of new standard presets
Included Brand New Hairstyles
Added Elf and Dwarf presets (these can look strange, included mainly for evaluating)

Understood Dilemmas

Presets dont have actually unique face shape, they all possess standard face form.
This might be probably because of too little .mrh/mop data. If some of you see everything usefull let me know.

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