How To: Use a health glitch to

Dragon Age 2 glitches Xbox 360

Choose a sidequest that will not end with a cutscene or dialogue tree.(usually finding an item or something of that nature). Draw your weapon nearby the NPC, but without completing the pursuit. Once you approach the NPC wait until your character begins to re-sheath their particular tool. As they are placing it away hit X repeatedly(PS3 variation)or A (the xbox 360 type of the game) and each time you push on the allotted option you'll be granted because of the quests incentive in money/exp repeatedly

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Endless capability things. (Pre-Patch)

To activate this glitch it may need which you get access to the black colored emporium and possess cash accessible to purchase the potion "manufacturers Sigh" that resets all capability points, and characteristics. Hawke comes preloaded with preset abilities he could be "expected" to possess. Meaning by using a makers sigh and save, when you reload the video game file these ability's will undoubtedly be filled. To make the most of this follow these following actions. 1. make use of manufacturers sigh 2. save your valuable game. 3. burden your online game 4. Look at your capability points. You should have the quantity that have been removed, and the ability's that Hawke is "expected" having. For a rogue it's going to be around four - five points when you look at the twin wield tree. 5. If you are using another manufacturers sigh, it'll today add those capability's into the ability things readily available. I became successfully in a position to get from 20, to 45 within five full minutes. You have to save yourself and reload each time you desire to do this once more.

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Unlimited Rival Things

After finishing Sebastian's partner pursuit, called repentance, you ought to head back toward chantry. Don't talk with Sebastian here, rather speak with the grand cleric and keep selecting the "You're ineffective" dialog. You get a +5 rivalry for Sebastian if you choose this.

Contributed by: LuciferTerror

Ser Isaac's Armor set

To unlock the armor ready, you must create an EA account very first then link it with your PSN ID. Lease Dead Space 2 unless you own it, get the primary selection therefore should log you to your account. Once you've done that, start your Dragon Age 2 backup together with set are unlocked. Available it within special delivery chest at your home.

Blood Dragon Armor

For those who have a salvage of Dragon Age Origins in your disk drive using Blood Dragon Armor unlocked, it automatically transfers to Dragon Age 2 also.

Contributed by: Zero_is_Me

Boundless Attribute Points (Maximum Stats)

You really must be in Act 3 and capable craft the rune of valiance. Get any two various items (different type of program) with at the very least 1 rune slot. Craft a rune of valiance onto both making sure that the total amount of qualities added on each item is different. Equip both products. Today remove the one that adds the absolute most features initially, then get rid of the other. Not all the the characteristics from the rune would be removed and it'll be completely included with Hawke. Perform equipping both and removing both to keep getting attribute things entirely to 100 max in everything if you like. Make every effort to remember to provide and remove the item that gives many +attributes first.

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