Xbox 360 vs. PC

Dragon Age Origins Xbox 360 VS PC

With what's probably be the last Face-Off of 2009, Digital Foundry does somewhat housekeeping, sifting through teetering piles of signal dotted around the company, picking out the essential interesting games we've yet to cover, and combining people that have the definitive term using one of the year's biggest releases - BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins.

As it is the norm, the function is filled with the media that matters. One of our TrueHD workstations is virtually complete into brim with lossless digital dumps of HDMI harbors associated with the xbox 360 console and ps3, giving united states access to the most truly effective 24-bit RGB comparison shots and untouchable video possessions, provided for you in pristine h264 video, manually encoded on a per-game basis for ultimate high quality.

Onto the all-important line-up, then. Simply the five releases covered this time, but these with an interesting tale to tell, and several bonus Computer action included too.

Just how do the various variations of Dragon Age: Origins compare? Would be the Beatles: rockband and FIFA 10 actually two of the finest multi-platform sales of the season? Is Guitar Hero nevertheless sub-HD on PS3? continue reading...

Dragon Age: Origins

The final regarding the huge Q4 brands to reach the Digital Foundry lair, Dragon Age: Origins is uniformly recognised as a fantastic PC launch, reflected inside shining 8/10 Eurogamer analysis, so that it had been apparent the PC variation would have to be looked at, only if to offer a technical framework toward visuals and performance amounts of both xbox 360 console and ps3 versions.

Very first up, why don't we have a look at the console games through the miracles of high-definition comparison video clip. It is positively the case the PS3 version has actually an accumulation of tiny technical advantages. Texture filtering is exceptional, the lighting design seems a bit more precise, in addition to depth-of-field effect is much more achieved also (even when compared to PC variation). Judging Dragon Age: Origins when it comes to pure image high quality, the PS3 version is the console version to possess.

Xbox 360 claws back some IQ points though, by way of its inclusion of 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing, which will be absent on PS3. On the other hand, set alongside the effect it has in other games it's not that worthy of comment: edge-blurring, depth-of-field and a low-contrast colour pallette work really effortlessly in smoothing down edges by themselves on PS3, even without having the addition of MSAA.

High-definition comparison movie of Dragon Age: Origins, working at 50 % speed. Hit the full-screen button the complete HD impact, or check the page below for a larger screen.

Despite some technical gains when it comes to PS3 code, the overall appearance of the overall game isn't as impressive as PC on either platform. Dragon Age: Origins is a game that focuses greatly on its dialogue-driven cut-scenes, and also the close-up texture work we see here comes off second-best, which will be puzzling when you consider exactly what BioWare reached two years ago with Mass result, plus the quality of the task observed in the Mass impact 2 gamescom demonstration, that was excessively impressive.

Additionally it is fair to express that both system games are not strong performers. Dragon Age: Origins is v-synced for much better picture persistence, however the frame-rate is extremely adjustable - any such thing from 15 to 30 fps depending on the scene being rendered. Of this type the xbox online game gets the benefit, but even the Microsoft platform battles.

Okay, therefore let's begin to element in the Computer version, as study of its make-up can really help put the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions into framework. There has been most discussion in what elements have now been cut down on the console games in terms of textures, impacts and sound high quality. Although it's perhaps not conclusive, looking at the structure regarding the disk for each create can be a powerful indicator on which's already been changed.

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