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Dragon Age Grease the Wheels


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Grease the Wheels is a pursuit obtained from The Blackstone Irregulars journey Board in Redcliffe. To ensure the continued smooth procedure regarding the Irregulars, you need to deliver to several hooded couriers around Denerim.


Find all the five couriers and provide the thanks a lot. Return to any Blackstone representative to claim the incentive.

Observe that this pursuit is only able to be gotten in Redcliffe, and that the Blackstone Irregulars agent because town won't appear if you give it time to fall towards undead, thus barring you against starting it.

Bug! It's possible once you provide the package that the pursuit cannot update. The courier will react and then leave, but no upgrade notice will appear. However, the pursuit will finish ordinarily in the end five plans are delivered, no matter whether or perhaps not the pursuit revisions after each distribution.

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