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Nuncio will tell you that he's hunting an elven assassin, but your assassin is concealing between the Dalish elves, where he cannot reach him. Because you've had dealings using Dalish, Nuncio will request you to explore, in which he'll suggest that you question an elf named Variel. If you refuse this task, then Nuncio will go away and you won't in fact get the quest.

You'll find Variel within the Dalish camp on Sundermount. Whenever you talk to the woman there, she'll readily surrender the positioning associated with the assassin's hideout. Indeed, she will inform you your assassin directed the elves to inform whoever requested exactly where to locate him. "He did not would you like to endanger our men and women by asking us to rest for him."

You will discover the assassin's hideout, a hill Cave, situated north associated with Dalish camp. In, you'll get assaulted by the exact same varterral (number 2) that attacked you throughout the quest Mirror Image in Act II. You really need to think it is much easier to beat this time. Keep in mind to prevent its spit and also to be cautious about dropping stones.

After the fight you are going to meet the assassin, Zevran. He will let you know that he left the Antivan Crows - something which the Crows did not value - hence for this reason the reason why Nuncio is hunting him. You are going to after that need to determine what to do with Zevran. You'll have two alternatives:

  • If you let Zevran get, then he'll show up once you confront Nuncio at his Antivan Camp, and then he'll assist you in the struggle. Afterwards, he'll give you the dagger Finesse, and you should get 1 sovereign and 1200 xp for doing the quest.
  • If you take Zevran to Nuncio, then Nuncio will strike you anyhow, but Zevran will nonetheless help you in the fight. However, after ward he don't supply any such thing, and you should just get 10 silvers and 1200 xp for doing the pursuit.
Note: in the event that you flirt with Zevran when you first fulfill him, then you'll definitely get to be able to sleep with him at the end of the quest. This program of action will gain you rivalry things with Sebastian, but Isabela might offer to participate in.

1 - Pile of Bones

2 - Varterral / Zevran

3 - Piles of prize

Inside these piles you will find a Ring associated with Shadow Hunter, Righteous Rain, and much more.

4 - Nuncio

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