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Ser Friden's Journal


Killing the Blood Mage Commander

The past Request is a side quest obtained by looting the corpse of Ser Friden found in the Run-Down Back Street in Denerim. After their diary is picked up, the quest is triggered in addition to Warden can travel to the Deserted Building.


Note: It is recommended to allow your (stealthed) rogue lead the way in which through this building, as there are many traps within road.

Go right to the Deserted Building in Denerim. Open the hidden home and drop the stairs in which you will find a bloodstream Mage, a Mercenary, 2 Mercenary Archers, and a Qunari Mercenary. There clearly was a Leghold Trap at the end associated with the stairs. One of these has got the secret which starts the next door.

Proceed with the hall to a-room with 3 Mercenaries and 2 Mercenary Archers. There's a Tripwire; whenever you address it a Rogue, a Qunari Mercenary, and 2 Mercenary Archers within the next area assault. Within the stairs to their rear tend to be a Blood Mage, a Mercenary, and 2 Mercenary Archers. There is certainly a Leghold Trap at the top of the stairs.

Another hallway has doorways on the west and east. The eastern area doesn't have a home and so the opponents within (2 bloodstream Mages, a Mercenary (Elite), a Mercenary, and a Qunari Mercenary) often see you within the hallway and assault (even if you are stealthed. The Blood Mages will toss a Fireball into the hallway (even though you tend to be stealthed).

Proceed with the hall north. There are 2 puppy statues in alcolves on the west side of the hallway; there is a Pressure dish that causes these statues to take fire throughout the hallway and opens the north and east doorways letting opponents through. If you cannot disarm after that it circumambulate it (you can easily see its light outline on to the floor).

Open the north door; a Rogue attacks you, as well as the eastern door in hall opens exposing a Qunari Mercenary (or vice versa if you start the east door first). A concealed Rogue seems with this fight.

Go through the east home and follow the hall north and east. Discover a snake statue in an alcolve from the north region of the hallway and there is a force Plate that causes this statue to shoot fire across the hallway, so either disarm it or stay away from it (you is able to see its light outline on the floor). There is also a Grease spill on the floor that could immobolize you, therefore stay away from it.

The hall transforms south while see a Barricade. Behind it tend to be a Blood Mage and 2 Mercenary Archers. You will find 2 Mabari outside of the Barricade and another Mabari in room western of the Barricade that joins the battle. Addititionally there is another Grease spill on to the floor (the Blood Mage casts Fireball at you, which can ignite the oil spills). Destroy the Barricade to access the Mage and Archers (a stealthed Rogue can destroy the Barricade without alerting the opponent.

You will find areas to the north and south, and a door towards eastern. The north and south spaces each contain a door to your eastern; all three doorways resulted in same huge space containing a bloodstream Mage (Elite), 2 Blood Mages, 3 Mercenaries, and 2 Mercenary Archers. When you open these doors and commence fighting, another two will open and they're going to attack you against the trunk.

Note: Use the northern or south door instead of the middle home; open up the door but don’t enter the big area. You are attacked from the door you unsealed plus from enemies behind you that exited the large space because of the other two doors. You are able to retreat straight back through Grease-spill hall; send someone to start the middle door and then retreat back again to other celebration. You need to use fire on the Grease spills.

within the big space open the eastern door; there is a Mercenary Archer behind a Barricade. During the south end of the area tend to be a Blood Mage (Elite) and 4 Mercenary Archers. There are 2 Grease spills on the floor (watch out for Fireball through the Blood Mage (Elite)).

Open up the south home and decrease the stairs. You can find doors on west and south. The south door leads to the bloodstream Mage Sanctum (and the final struggle for this quest). The west home is closed; the Blood Mage Leader (inside Sanctum) has the key, but a Rogue could possibly select the lock. Should your Rogue cannot pick the lock you're going to have to enter the bloodstream Mage Sanctum first.

Bloodstream Mage Sanctum

Note: This encounter is among the more difficult fights within the online game; usually do not try this without a high notch group. It is possible to prepare the west room and hallway the future battle before entering with traps and glyphs.

Open the south door, entering the bloodstream Mage Sanctum. The Blood Mage chief (Boss) confronts you and then assaults, along side a Mercenary Captain (Elite), a Blood Mage, and a Qunari Mercenary.

This might be a really difficult fight, especially if you fight inside Sanctum. Following the Blood Mage commander prevents conversing with you, it is recommended to go back into the hall and go fully into the western area and wait for the opponents to chase after you. In the event that you couldn't unlock this door then go back up the stairs.

Combat the non-Boss Blood Mage very first while he will heal his friends. The templar ability Holy Smite works well, since are the mage spells Blizzard, Tempest, and Storm of this Century, particularly when Paralysis Explosion can be used very first to avoid objectives from escaping early. Mana Clash can be helpful.

Having any of Blizzard, Tempest, Inferno, or Death Cloud, plus being able to access the sack before the fight, will make this fight much easier. Because discussion stops because of the party near the entry, refuge all of them straight away to the room. Have warriors choke from the room door and shut the door at the earliest opportunity. All this work forces the blood mages to run after the celebration and keeps all of them out of line of picture - the latter meaning the blood mages cannot cast any spells.

Cast the continuous section of effect enchantment to the hallway, and try to keep the door closed with means that can paralyze or otherwise incapacitate the adversary, making them struggling to open up it. Inside the room, stand-off aside for the door to make sure you continue to remain out-of-line of sight of any opponent, and certainly will converge fire on whoever measures in very first.

Nice spells listed here are Glyph of Repulsion to help keep the adversary knocked retreat from the door and in to the constant part of impact spells, or Cone of cool to paralyze them and produce a traffic jam behind them.

The eastern home associated with the Blood Mage Santum contributes to the Denerim City Map.

Bloodstream Mage Chief:

Dalish BatteryRing

+10% electrical energy harm

  • Bedroom Key (unlocks the room ahead of the Blood Mage Sanctum)

Place before Blood Mage Sanctum:

Magister's ShieldAmulet
The atmosphere around this quick silver sequence seems to shimmer a little, and chain itself seems weighty, like it had been some thing more substantial.

+6 security
+12 defense against missiles
+4% spell weight
-10percent nature opposition

1 93 0

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